If you were charmed by yesterday鈥檚 Netflix proposal involving Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, you鈥檒l love this next story about a woman who accidentally texted Sarah Michelle Gellar her engagement news.

Fans who follow the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star on Facebook or Instagram may have spotted something different among her posts yesterday: a shot of a woman sitting in her car and showing off an engagement ring.

It turns out that the woman, whom Gellar has never met, meant to share her happiness with her sister and sent the photo to the actress by mistake. Instead of ignoring the wayward text or sending back an anonymous 鈥渟orry, wrong number鈥 message, though, the Cruel Intentions actress took to social media to let the world in on the woman鈥檚 big news.

鈥淭his is #CharlynWillis,鈥 Gellar wrote. 鈥淪he got engaged yesterday, and meant to text her sister, but in all the excitement, got me instead. Please help me say congrats to Charlyn. (And her fianc茅 whose name I don鈥檛 know).鈥

Willis, who hadn鈥檛 yet announced her engagement on social media, reposted Gellar鈥檚 Insta story on Facebook, writing, 鈥淚 guess the best way to announce your engagement is to have a celebrity to do it for you鈥 THANKS Sarah Michelle Gellar鈥 AND YES, I SAID YES to Dee!!!!!鈥

Willis also commented on Gellar鈥檚 post, writing, 鈥淭hank you Sarah鈥ou鈥檝e truly made my engagement experience even more of a life changer! Please know when we set a date, I鈥檒l be reaching out to invite you, Freddie, and the kids! 馃槝馃槝馃槝馃槝鈥

We wonder if the star and her family will make an appearance on the bride鈥檚 big day. That would certainly be a fun ending to this super-sweet story!

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(photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)