Every so often we come across an app that’s so simple and so colorful that it deserves its very own post. In the past, we’ve obsessed over photo apps like Over, CamMe and VSCO Cam for obvious reasons. Today’s photo app crush is brand new and, surprisingly, isn’t something we’ve really seen before. It’s called XtraPop, and it’s here to add an extra pop (obvs!) to your photos.

Free for iOS, XtraPop’s genius lies in the simplicity of its design. Basic shapes add quirky details to your photos. Silly props like crowns and sunglasses add spunk. And, like a million other photo apps, it also features colorful frames and a whole variety of filters. Now, let’s take this poppy app for a test run.

First, the shapes. Look at ALL those shapes! There are pages and pages of shapes — and we were stuck choosing just four to show you.

Next up, the accessories department. Put a feather in your hat, crown yourself prom queen or rock a pair of shutter shades.

As you start layering up, you might suddenly see things getting too crowded. Simply double click on a sticker to delete it. Don’t those blue shades look way better than the red aviators? We think so.

Finally, it’s time to frame and filter your photos. The filters range from lightening and darkening to adding colorw like yellow, green and magenta. The frames are all about shapes and color. XtraPop’s got circles, squares, hexagons, triangles and, smooch smooch, even a heart or two ;)

Try out a few frames to find one that suits your masterpiece the best. And then you’re done!

Pretty awesome, don’t you think? Who doesn’t love free neon shapes?

What photo apps do you use on the daily? Talk to us in the comments below.