This Halloween Costume Company Held a Runway Show at NYFW and It Was Awesome
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This Halloween Costume Company Held a Runway Show at NYFW and It Was Awesome

Opting for a pre-packaged Halloween costume is always a gamble. They often come in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag, and who knows whether you’ll actually end up looking like woodland fairy or more like someone who just looks like they hit the sequins a little too hard. It appears as though leading costume company Yandy has caught on to this dilemma. To help avoid a 2016 costume crisis they went ahead and held a runway presentation at NYFW.

You probably know Yandy as the online retailer of those sexy costumes you hate but also kind of love. They’re also responsible for the viral pizza rat costume you probably saw a time or two while out on Halloween night last year.

The company hosted a show which featured a handful of most anticipated costumes for this year. Models walked down the catwalk dressed up as Cleopatra, a super sexy flapper, a show-stopping peacock and naturally, a sexy Donald Trump. But the winning outfit of the event was yet to come…

Ladies and gents, say hello to the Snapchat costume. We’re calling it now: This is the one you’re going to be seeing everywhere come October 31. It’s got all the makings of a Halloween hit. It’s super current (I mean who hasn’t sent a Snapchat using the dog filter recently?), totally wearable and just silly enough to still be cute — a key factor for many festive ladies (Cady Heron not included). Yandy, you win fashion week.

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(Photos via Ilya S. Savenok/Steven A Henry/Getty)