It’s double the fun this time around. We’ve got TWO new online classes in the Brit + Co Shop, a place where you can find a variety of courses that will spark your creativity, help you learn new skills and complete fun projects.

Most of our online classes in the B+C Shop come with a companion supply kit, and you can watch and learn at your own pace as each class you buy will be yours to access whenever. Plus, we partner with some of our favorite designers, artists and bloggers to share their inspiration and expertise on topics like calligraphy, watercolor painting and coding, just to name a few.

That’s why we partnered with Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop to create two new online classes that we know you’ll love: Printmaking 101 and Block Printing + Pattern Design.


In Christine’s introduction to printmaking, you’ll learn how to choose and mix inks and use several techniques to create custom prints for paper goods. At the end of her class, you’ll be able to create custom invitations, greeting cards, wrapping paper and wall art designs.


Need a little more inspo? Look at all the fun custom stamp designs you can dream up. Plus you can totally amp up your greeting card and wrapping paper game this holiday season.


In her second class, Christine will teach you how to create basic pattern designs and walk you through block printing techniques for fabrics. After her class, you’ll have the skills to create custom stamps that you can use on totes, t-shirts, pillows and wall hangings, just to name a few.


Need a little more inspo? After this class, you could make a rockin’ hand-stamped scarf or a hand-stamped tote.


Oh, by the way, you can use our handy-dandy Printmaking Kit for Christine’s classes. It has most of the supplies you’ll need to finish each class project.


If you go to your local art supply store, you’ll surely spend at least $80 to get all the supplies you’ll need, so make sure to scoop up our kit and SAVE.

And make sure to stop by our Yellow Owl Workshop collection to grab additional supplies or refills, or simply just to find some fun stamp design ideas to get you started.

What’s your next custom printing project? Talk to us in the comment section below.