Potential hot new couple alert! The internet is buzzing over a possible love connection between Bella Hadid and Drake 鈥 but don鈥檛 expect the model鈥檚 mom, Yolanda Hadid, to spill any juicy details.

Bella, who turned 21 yesterday, celebrated the milestone with her parents, her famous sister Gigi Hadid, and plenty of friends 鈥 one of whom happened to be Drake. But he didn鈥檛 just attend the party; according to reports, he actually threw the bash, which has fans of both stars shipping a romance between them.


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And we鈥檙e not the only ones who are curious about the situation. When the birthday girl鈥檚 mom sat down for a chat on Watch What Happens Live! Tuesday night, Andy Cohen asked point-blank if Bella is dating Drake. The Real Housewives star tried laughing off the personal question 鈥 reacting with an emphatic, 鈥淎re you kidding! What are we [doing] here?鈥濃 before doing her best to scoot around a direct answer.

When Cohen pressed a little more, pointing out that Drake threw her daughter the birthday party (which Yolanda herself attended), the matriarch played coy, replying, 鈥淗e did? Really?鈥 Oh, I didn鈥檛 know that.鈥 (Uh-huh, sure.)

From there, Cohen went for the good stuff, asking if the two are together, to which the model鈥檚 mom replied with a shrug, 鈥淚 mean, they鈥檙e friends.鈥


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We have to give Yolanda credit for keeping mum about her daughter鈥檚 personal life, but we admit we鈥檙e still curious. We鈥檒l just have to keep our fingers crossed that if these two are an item, they鈥檒l eventually decide to make things Instagram official.

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