The political climate is undeniably fiery at the moment. It鈥檚 so dramatic that beyond the results of changing policies, it can definitely affect other areas of our lives, like your productivity and your relationships. But that鈥檚 not to say that everything politically related is bad. In fact, right now, you can actually score free Starbucks coffee just by talking about politics.

Starbucks cup and newspaper

While plenty of people refuse to even utter a word before their morning coffee, let alone talk about politics, it now may totally be worth your while, as Starbucks is donating 300 gift cards to encourage participation in a program called 鈥淗i from the Other Side.鈥

Conducted by a startup from Harvard business school, 鈥淗i鈥 is an app that matches up users of opposite political views (i.e. one democrat/liberal and one republican/conservative). Now, here鈥檚 where things gets really interesting. Each person is sent HALF of the info from a Starbucks gift-card, which means that in order to redeem it, they have to actually meet in person.

Starbucks customers

With the hopes that the two folks will sit down for a friendly political chat, the website explains that the aim is to encourage 鈥渘ice people across the political divide to talk like neighbors. Not to convince, but to understand.鈥 Let鈥檚 just hope folks keep things cool and we don鈥檛 end up with that discourse becoming as heated as the coffee.

Interested in participating and nabbing some free Starbucks? Check out 鈥Hi from the Other Side鈥 for more deets.

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(h/t AL; photos via Scott Olson + Alex Wong/Getty)