You Won’t Believe How Much Britney Spears Spends on Her Pets
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You Won’t Believe How Much Britney Spears Spends on Her Pets

Britney Spears may be frugal when it comes to some of her expenses (this killer bathing suit she caused a sensation in is just $22!), but when it comes to her pets and personal grooming, she spares *no* expense. But not to worry — we’ve got a feeling she won’t be sharing in Adele’s credit card embarrassment anytime soon!

Due to the nature of her conservatorship, which requires her to file how much she makes and spends in a public court, we got a little insight into the life of Ms. Spears, and let’s just say her pooches are living large.

In 2015 alone, Britney spent more than $8 million total, $37,360 of which was all spent on her dogs.

Topping that? Massages, manis and pedis, which rang in at $67,800 (in all fairness, girl probably has a LOT of kinks to work out after all that dancing) and clothes, which totaled $62,813.

While that all sounds absurdly excessive, when you consider the fact that she is estimated to have raked in a whopping $51 million last year, it quickly turns into a drop in the bucket.

All we’ve gotta’ say is, those are some lucky pups!

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(h/t E!, photos via Frazer Harrison + Kevin Winter/Getty)