We get it: Babies are hardly a walk in the park. And you’ve probably gathered that the number one complaint of new parents is that their babies JUST WON’T SLEEP. For some babies, wrapping them up like a baby tortilla burrito does the trick; others need to be rocked, held or sung to get them to sleep through the night. Now, there’s a doll that’s been taking the world by storm thanks to its reputation for helping babies sleep through the night, which is finally hitting us here stateside. And the amount of money many parents are willing to spend on this cute little doll is actually pretty insane.


The Lulla Doll was created in Iceland by a psychologist who understands babies’ sleep. It has a playback monitor inside that plays a heartbeat and breathing noises to mimic a parent being close to his or her baby. And apparently, these things really work. But there’s a catch: The dolls have been so hard to come by that the company keeps selling out. Now that those of us in the US have finally heard of the doll, we’re desperate to try them — so much so that on eBay right now, a Lulla Doll is sitting with a current high bid of $310! Usually, the doll retails for around $70 US.

Never fear: You can buy these insanely popular dolls north of the border in Canada for a much lower price than the current eBay listing. Y’know, if that’s your kind of thing.

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(h/t PopSugar. Photo via Hestia International/Roro Care)