News of Kim Kardashian’s terrifying robbery has police exploring every avenue, including the possibility that the crime was an inside job, as well as the creepy fact that the celeb was being stalked by two men days before the incident. But if they’re looking for help, Pornhub wants to come to the rescue. Yep, Pornhub. The saucy site is offering a whopping $50,000 reward for info regarding Kim’s robbery.

Kim Kardashian

Now, if you’re wondering why the heck Pornhub would care about Kim K, apparently her sex tape with Ray J remains the most viewed video on the site with (get this!) 110,198,725 views and counting. Whoa. Kim, though, has made it pretty darn clear that she regrets making the tape, so it’s hard to tell if she’d be pleased with Pornhub’s involvement, despite their noble (?) intentions.

Kim Kardashian

In a statement on their website, Pornhub’s VP, Corey Price, said, “Here at Pornhub we were deeply saddened to hear about the horrible incident involving Kim in Paris. We consider Kim to be a member of the Pornhub family and want to do all that we can to ensure that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are brought to justice.”

He added, “We are calling on all of our fans from around the world to come together and work collectively to provide any and all information relating to the crime so we can capture the criminals.”

If you know something about the crime and want to take Pornhub up on their reward, you can email them at

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Jamie McCarthy, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)