Why does Apple keep killing off important ports? Courage. In the words of CEO Tim Cook, it’s “courage” that allows Apple to slice off port after port that we all may have previously considered essential. (Here’s looking at you, audio jack.) And now it looks like Apple is taking that mentality straight to the MacBooks.

MacBook feature

It’s been a while since Apple revealed an update to its laptops, but for those who have been waiting, there should be a grand reveal later this month. Apple is expected to show off a brand new MacBook Pro and a new 13-inch MacBook Air, and reports are swirling that Apple is killing the USB port on both versions. It is likely to be replaced with a smaller USB-C port. The USB-C is a fairly universal port (a lot of smartphones use this for charging), but you may need an adapter to keep connecting some of your favorite gadgets with your laptop.

The MacBooks are expected to be revealed at an event on October 27. Keep your eyes peeled next week when we finally find out what Apple’s gotten rid of. Let’s all pray that the audio jack on the laptop stays — we don’t have that much courage.

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(h/t The Verge, photo via Apple)