You don’t have to join an expensive CrossFit gym and get all jacked to feel good about baring your arms this summer; all it takes is a little dedication and targeted training that you can do with light weights and some easy at-home exercises (this new study on lifting weights proves it). Here’s a roundup of the seven best YouTube videos for embracing (pun totally intended) the path to toned arms every day this week. And when you’re feeling like these workouts are too tough, just imagine FLOTUS’ workouts. ‘Cause you know Michelle Obama is killin’ it.


1. How to Get Toned Arms: On day one, jump right in with this boot camp-style workout. We say “boot camp” because, admittedly, it kind of feels like the instructor is yelling at us, but you can’t argue with her results. Start with three-pound weights for a series of different reps that work your shoulders, biceps and triceps, while also engaging your core. (via XHIT Daily)


2. Ballet Beautiful: Strong and Sexy Swan Arms Workout: This routine is a little lighter than Sunday’s (literally — you’re just using bodyweight here). World-renowned ballerina and celeb fitness trainer Mary Helen Bowers shows you graceful ballet moves to get you the sugarplum biceps of your dreams. Get in the zone by picturing yourself as a real ballerina — but like a tough, badass ballerina who’s got “two tickets to the gun show” after she gets offstage. (via BeFiT)


3. The Best Ways to Tone Arms Without Push-Ups: Wait, we don’t have to do push-ups to get toned arms? Bless you, Amber Nimedez and Livestrong. This workout uses light hand weights, and focuses on slow and controlled raises and curls. (via LIVESTRONG)


4. No Equipment Upper Body Workout for Great Arms, Shoulders and Upper Back: This interval workout doesn’t require any weights, but still really challenges your upper body strength with 50 seconds on and just 10 seconds off between exercises. It’s a tough one (especially when you get to the plank moves), so there’s no shame in taking breaks if you need to. (via FitnessBlender)


5. Five-Minute Arm Workout: Sculpt and Shrink: Pilates? Yes, please. This light, fun workout will tone and sculpt your arms without bulking you up. (via Pilates for the People)


6. Jillian Michaels: Arms and Shoulders Workout: When you want a serious sweat, the first person you turn to should be Jillian Michaels. The fitness powerhouse is tough as nails, but she’s still encouraging enough to keep your energy and motivation way up throughout her workouts. The big challenge with this one: Jillian takes you through targeted arm moves, but also makes you do cardio. (If you’ve seen The Biggest Loser, this shouldn’t be surprising.) It’s a serious workout, but when you finish, you’ll feel like you made her proud. (via BeFiT)

7. 10-Minute Strapless Dress Arm Workout: We’ve never been disappointed by a POPSUGAR video. Host Anna Renderer makes you feel powerful with a side of pep, and this challenging but fun workout is the perfect way to cap off your first intense arms week. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)

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