Our love for Kickstarter projects knows no bounds. Whether we’re in the market for workout clothes or the final TLC album, we know this crowdfunding source has us covered. But when we found out about what’s currently campaigning on this beloved site, we did a double take at the sheer genius of the latest yoga mat project: YoYo Mats. This mat actually rolls itself up when you’re finished using it!


So just how does this magical creation work? A lot like a snap bracelet. Yes, a snap bracelet! The mat unrolls like normal so you can get your flow on, and then with the click of an edge, the entire thing curls up on itself tightly and perfectly, making lumpy yoga mats a thing of the past. It’s also an extended length so that the snap panels don’t interfere with your practice.


The best part? The YoYo Mat already has over 900 backers and has almost doubled its $50,000 goal, with more than three weeks still to go. This means we will be able to purchase these bad boys in the near future.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.45.18 PM

YoYo Mats’ creative director/photographer Yu Tsai — who has shot everyone from SJP to Jared Leto — has helped promote these mats and bring the project to fruition. The mats comes in four modern color combinations and have an estimated delivery of November of this year, just in time for the holidays.

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(h/t Business Insider; photos via YoYo Mats)