Shopping from fast fashion retailers has its perks. It’s budget-friendly… They’re up to date with all the newest trends… So on and so forth. But when going for a fall fashion shopping spree at somewhere like H&M or Forever 21, you always run the risk of snatching up the same pieces as, well, pretty much everyone. This year, the garment fashion girls are LOVING is this blue and white coat from Zara.


The coat in question is a $149 printed coat from the European brand. It’s simple, versatile and apparently being worn by pretty much every woman you know. Need further proof? Enter the recently viral Instagram account solely dedicated to around-the-town spottings of the blue-and-white piece of outerwear. A coat has never had a dedicated paparazzi crew before, but it does now.

The account was started by Alice Frances, a London-based blogger. On her website she writes, “It all started at Chelsea Flower Show ‘She’s wearing my coat’. ‘Which coat?’ ‘That coat’ and suddenly, everywhere. A blue and white printed coat worn by women all over London. It’s as though they are in a secret club […] So we got snapping – everyone got enthusiastic – apparently I’m not the only one who enjoys taking creepy photos of people in the street. ”

While the page started with just Frances’s spottings, the rest of the fashion community quickly caught on and started submitting their photos using the hashtag #thatcoat. It’s on the train, walking down the sidewalk, on the girl who sits next to you at work. #thatcoat is EVERYWHERE.

So far it’s been spotted and documented almost 200 times over the four months since the account was created. It’s cute. Swoop it up if you want to be inducted into the not-so-secret club. Just know that you might be photographed in true celeb style doing something like chowing down on a burger or making the dreaded journey home after a long night on the town.

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(Photo via Zara)