We teamed up with American Express and Joy Cho of Oh Joy! to highlight the magic of small businesses. Magic, you say? Yep, you better believe it. There’s truly a special sort of gratification when buying something handmade or one-of-a-kind from a small maker. Shopping small fosters a connection between the consumer and artisan.

Recently, Joy and her lovely daughter Ruby ventured to the downtown LA studio of Zuzii, a family-owned shoemaker business. Zuzii creates beautiful handmade shoes for both children, and most recently, for adults as well!

Check out more photos from Joy’s tour of the Zuzii studio, and hear from Ryan, Alex and Nickie Campbell of the Zuzii family over on Joy’s blog.

Do you have any special joy moments from shopping small makers? We’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below.

This post is in partnership with American Express – committed to connecting small merchants to more customers through the Shop Small®movement.