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How to Use Color Psychology to Transform Your Home

Our home is a defining factor in our well-being. It’s our reset zone. It’s where we find the daily strength to be our best selves. So it naturally follows that we should put thought and attention into building a home that makes us feel good. So, in partnership with Sherwin-Williams®, we’re tapping into color psychology to transform four rooms that will directly inspire specific moods. Want to feel calm? There’s a color for that. Want to feel luxurious? There’s a color for that.

Thanks to their cutting-edge new augmented reality (AR) experience, Instant Paint, we can use the ColorSnap® Visualizer app to build color palettes from favorite photos *and* virtually test the colors in our space. How cool is that? Through color psychology and incredible technology, we can discover the perfect colors for our homes.


Choose from the menu below: What vibe do you want in your home? Then follow along as we hone in on a unique color palette that represents that vibe using custom-made mood boards and the ColorSnap Visualizer app.



Green Color Psychology: Looking for a color that will make you feel refreshed, balanced, and restored? Go for the green. The psychology behind the color has telltale roots — green makes us think of nature.

We transformed our living room using two deep, energizing green hues, a living plant wall, and some playful punches of color.

First, a sneak peek at our completed room…

Confession: This may be our favorite room transformation to date.

So, let’s get to it! Check out the slideshow below to see how we built our color palette.

View Slideshow

Ding ding ding! We are ABOUT this color palette. We seriously counted down the days 'til we could see it IRL.

Here it is in action! In five steps, we transformed our living room into a refreshing, restorative space with Sherwin-Williams® Emerald® Interior Paint. The forest green color block base, Raging Sea SW 6474, pairs nicely with the creamy Alabaster SW 7008 above. The sharp lines are a nice balance with all the organic shapes in the room. And Cascades SW 7623 looks *so good* on that protruding wall, especially in contrast with the Lotus Flower SW 6310 living plant wall. The room is refreshing, modern and soft all at once.

We love looking at the OG mood board and the final room side-by-side. It’s like you can see our brain waves in motion.

Fresher than fresh, yo.



Yellow Color Psychology: Sparking visions of sunshine and summer, experts say yellow evokes optimism, warmth, creativity, energy, friendliness — collectively, what we’ll sum up as the word CHEER. The color makes you smile just picturing it, no?

We opted to use this cheerful hue in our kitchen, a space that houses daily hustle and bustle and is the heart of our home.

First, a sneak peek at our completed room…

Ta-da! Light, bright, and cheery all over.

So, let’s get to it! Check out the slideshow below to see how we built our color palette.

View Slideshow

Voilà, our final color palette! She’s a beaut, isn’t she? See it come to life by watching the video below.

Transformation time! Painting with saturated colors is all about restraint — we wanted our kitchen to be playful *and* sophisticated but did not want the space to ultimately look like… a yellow submarine. So we opted to paint the kitchen island and base cabinets Decisive Yellow SW 6902 and leave the upper cabinets Extra White SW 7006. Painting the trim a navy Seaworthy SW 7620 helped us frame the room, letting our eyes relax a bit. Lemonade-like Daybreak SW 6700 also worked as a great accent color without stealing the show. (FYI: We used Sherwin-Williams® Emerald® Interior Paint on the walls and Sherwin-Williams® Emerald® Urethane Trim Enamel on the cabinets.)

It’s pretty rad to see our custom-made mood board come to life. You can spot our ultimate color combo in most of the pictures we took.

Ta-da! A cheery, warm, inviting yellow kitchen. We’re smitten.



Blue Color Psychology: According to the pros, blue signifies intelligence, serenity, relaxation, and calm. Your wits are definitely about you when you're adjacent to blue — think of easy seaside afternoons and bright bluebird days. *Collective sigh*

A color that evokes calm, intelligence, logic, and efficiency? Yeah, we’re gonna need that in our home office. Stat.

First, a sneak peek at the completed room…

Aaand presto! A serene home office, complete with a yoga zone. Not too shabby, huh?

So, let’s get to it! Check out the slideshow below to see how we built our color palette.

View Slideshow

Aahhh, perfect. Doesn’t the final color palette make you want to exhale just looking at it?

Dang, Snowdrop SW 6511 and Something Blue SW 6800 are a match made in sky-blue heaven. To limit busy-ness in the space, we brought in our supporting colors with the painted picture frames, hanging shelves, and color-dipped baskets. (FYI: We used Sherwin-Williams® Emerald® Interior Paint.)

Mood board, you did good.

There we go — a simple and sweet home office to crank out some work.



Purple Color Psychology: Famously associated with royalty, purple has a lush history. Experts say it evokes feelings of luxury, quality, and mystery. We think of queens draped in velvet; mystifying galaxies; rich, ripe fruit; and vivid nighttime neon. What better place to feel lavish than in your bedroom? :)

First, a sneak peek at the completed room…

Behold! A luxurious, modern room fit for a contemporary queen.

So, let’s get to it! Check out the slideshow below to see how we built our color palette.

View Slideshow

How fun are these final colors together? Wait ‘til you see them come to life.

Again, it is SO cool to see our custom-made mood boards directly inspire room decor. We have a new favorite hobby.

We wanted our purple to pack a punch in our space without making the room feel smaller. So, using Sherwin-Williams® Emerald® Interior Paint, we framed the bed with Passionate Purple SW 6981, including a few feet of the ceiling above, to echo a luxurious royal bed canopy. We outlined it in Lighthearted Pink SW 6568 for a subtle transition to the clean, soft High Reflective White SW 7757. The resulting room has a nice balance of light and deep shades, topped with plush textiles on every surface.

BRB, never leaving this room ever again.

See? Once you know the basics of how colors can make you feel, you can use color psychology to make all the difference in your home. Thanks for following along!

Are you applying color psychology to your home decor? If so, we want to see the results! Share with us on Instagram by tagging @BritandCo so we can take a peek.

Author: Maddie Bachelder

Production: Kayla Haykin, Alonna Morrison, Maddie Bachelder

Design: Yising Chou + Torii Burnett

Photography: Brittany Griffin, Maddie Bachelder, Kurt Andre, Anjelika Temple

Video Production: Alonna Morrison, Kayla Haykin, Michael Sullivan, Ryan Shelley, Conor Hagen, Corey Marsau, Simon Lutrin

Models: Viktoriya Bourakova, Matilda Vertiz, Kayla Haykin, Torii Burnett, Natasha Thomas, Alonna Morrison, Julia Chaves, Maddie Bachelder

This post was paid for by Sherwin-Williams®