It would be impossible to count all the hours we’ve lost to watching autoplay Tasty videos on Facebook in the past few years, and now that they’ve teamed up on a cookware line with Walmart, it looks like they’ll soon be getting all of our money, too. Buzzfeed’s Tasty aims to make cooking easy and fun for millennials (the recipes range from quick and healthy weeknight meals to party snacks like nacho-fry-mozzarella-stick-burritos). Its new line of non-stick cookware and other kitchen utensil essentials is an affordable way for twenty-somethings to stock their first kitchens, so when a recipe video inspires them, they are equipped for the challenge. The collection is being sold at Walmart, with 90 products ranging in price from around $4 to $99. Don’t feel like braving the lines? These are some of our favorite products from the Tasty collab that you can buy online, so you can continue watching streaming food videos all day in your pajamas without actually having to go to the store.

For Bakers

There’s a full line of non-stick bakeware with handy red silicone handles. These nonstick baking sheets ($17) come in a pack of two, so you can finally master the art of the macaron (or just reheat pizza and make nachos in style).

The truly ambitious can pick up the springform pans ($18) for making cheesecakes, tarts, and other structured desserts.

For Cooks

If you’re more into the savory stuff life has to offer, you might want to stock up on the super-affordable 11-piece cookware set ($99). It’s made from non-stick titanium-reinforced ceramic, and the lids come with silicone handle grips so you don’t burn your fingers when you’re taking dinner off the stove.

For Gadget Lovers

Those who like to be prepared for any culinary situation that can be thrown at them will go gaga over the colorful line of kitchen accessories. Citrus zesters, silicone utentils, measuring cups, and a stacking colander bowl set ($13) will ensure that you’re never without the right tool for the job.

You can buy many of the new Tasty products online, though some are for store pick-up only. Just make sure to check with your local store before heading out on your shopping adventure to make sure the item you covet is still in stock — these items are already flying off the shelf.

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(Photos via Buzzfeed Tasty / Walmart)