From the Outside In

The stories of five powerfully creative immigrant women whose heritage have shaped their crafts in imaginative and inspiring ways.

I’m thrilled to introduce “From the Outside In,” an immersive profile series that tells the stories of five powerfully creative, female immigrants who have come from around the world to pursue their crafts here in America. From a Haitian entrepreneur to a Colombian winemaker, they each are living their own version of the “American Dream” while adding more to our country’s character.

In a time where immigrants are increasingly under siege, we want to take a moment to reflect on how much immigrants add to our country’s strength. As their stories roll out over the course of this week, we hope that you’ll also share your own immigrant experiences via social media using the hashtag #FromOutsideIn.

I am both thankful and proud to live in a nation of immigrants and I hope you are too.


Read Their Stories

Current Events Alicia Yoon: The Korean Beauty Pioneer Combining Two Worlds Into One

Raised in both South Korea and the US, Alicia is bringing Korea’s best beauty products stateside.

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Current Events Dores André: The Spanish Ballerina Pirouetting Her Way to Stardom

Dores André is the definition of determination. Originally from a seaside town in Spain, her passion for ballet has taken her all across the globe. Most recently, she’s danced her way into a top position at the esteemed San Francisco Ballet.

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Current Events Bibiana González Rave: The Colombian Winemaker Who Left Home to Chase Her Dreams Across the Globe

This is the story of how Bibiana left Pablo Escobar’s Colombia on a quest to make the world’s best wine.

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Current Events Galine Tumasyan: The Artist Who Left Uzbekistan in Pursuit of Creative Freedom

In post-Soviet Eastern Europe, Galine’s artistic ambitions were unrealistic. Then she moved to California and everything changed.

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