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timex 2023

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13 GPS Watches to Help You Meet Your Running Goals

What? You didn’t place in the top 10 in the New York marathon this past weekend? There’s always next year. These gadgets can help!


Time to Par-DIY: The Latest Brit Kits Co-Op Recap

What happens when over 400 bloggers and DIYers get a bunch of free Brit Kits? A LOT of awesomeness.


5 Fresh Ways to Stack Your Arm Candy

When it comes to stacking up watches, bracelets, bangles and the like, it’s easy for the whole scene to get crowded and crazy. But… mixing and matching colors and patterns is one of our favorite things. What’s a gal to do? Mix it up, but do it just right. We teamed up with Timex to share five fun style combinations that start at the wrist, and inform the rest of the outfit. Let’s get to it!

DIY Style

Extra, Extra! We Sent Exclusive Brit Kits to Over 400 Lucky Readers!

You know what they say about friends who DIY together? They stay together, and keep each other creative! Or at least we think so ;) That’s why we teamed up with Timex® to arm 440 lucky ladies with our Embroidered Watch Strap Kit so they can par-DIY it up.


12 Colorful and Classic Watches

When it comes to telling time, it should be no surprise that we’re all about sophisticated style with a touch of quirk. Now, we’re here to serve up a dozen of our favorite watches from this iconic brand, from classic to colorful.

Trends and Inspo

Summer Style Hack: Create a Neon Nautical Watch Strap

Love the nautical look? Us too, but we also love bright pops of color. We teamed up with Timex to combine the two in a super summery way — all you need to know is how to tie a knot ;)

DIY Style

How to Add Color and Pattern to Your Favorite Watch Strap

When we see a woven strap, we can’t help but add a personal touch to the everyday staple accessory. Timex® started us off on the right foot (or… wrist!) with their Weekender Slip-Thru watch in bright, lively Lime Green and Orange.

DIY Style

10 Style Tips for All Your Summer Concerts

Hitting the concert circuit this summer? Then we’ve got 10 DIY style tips for you!

DIY Style