Halloween is coming (say whaat?!). While we spend the next few months getting our fierce AF costumes ready and planning out the *perf* spooky night, let’s also shine some light on that essential piece of holiday decor — the pumpkin. After all, what’s Halloween without a killer carved jack-o’-lantern? This year, take your front door decorations to the next level with the top pinned pumpkins we found on Pinterest’s Best of Halloween 2015 Board. From a *ton* of crafty no-carve displays to a surprising jack-o’-lantern costume, scroll on and discover the best pumpkin carvings and designs for your thoughtfully curated holiday decor.


1. Painted Mini Pumpkin Patch: Give your front door decor a hit of boho charm with a brightly patterned pumpkin patch. (via Handmade Charlotte)


2. Dia De Los Muertos Pumpkin: Don’t forget the Day of the Dead is right around the corner! Celebrate Dia de los Muertos and Halloween all at once with a spooktastic sugar skull jack. (via Craftster)


3. Glasses Pumpkin: Finally, a pretty pumpkin that’s as fashion forward as you are. Give your doorstep decor a hipster flair with a pearly white pumpkin sporting some killer lenses. (via Pretty Providence)


4. Minions Pumpkin: Spend this most sacred of holidays with the ultimate sidekicks. These minions are just too adorable not to have in your life. (via Crafty Morning)


5. Disney Princess Pumpkins: Give your Halloween decor a bit of fairy-tale magic with this pretty set of Disney-inspired pumpkins. Now all you need is the *perf* princess dress to match! (via As the Bunny Hops)


6. Grumpy Cat Pumpkin: Give your Netflix-fueled night the privacy it deserves and ward off guests and candy-crazed kiddies with a Grumpy Cat pumpkin. (via The Swell Designer)


7. Scary Forest Pumpkin: For a more intricate, artistic pumpkin, spend the time to carve your own freaky forest. Bonus points for accompanying forest creature pumpkins. (via HGTV)


8. Olaf Pumpkin: Okay, maybe it’s not wise for Olaf to see summer, but why not show him fall. Give your fall decor a whimsical winter flair with this adorable and friendly Frozen snowman. (via On the Go in MCO)


9. Sugar Skull Pumpkin: Ay dios mio! Take a Day of the Dead approach to your holiday decor with a sugar candy skull that’s almost as fierce as your Dias de los Muertos face mask. (via Casa Artelexia)


10. Sharpie Owl Pumpkin: Cut carving out for your jack-o’-lantern DIY routine. Just use paint and a Sharpie for your pumpkin design, and voila! No mess. (via Lil Blue Boo)


11. Decoupage Pumpkins: Get a little crafty with your holiday pumpkin patch. Use decoupage to take your no-carve pumpkins to a whole other level. (via Today’s Creative Life)


12. Gold Geo Pumpkins: Bring on the bling this Halloween. Add metallic accents to give some class to your standard pumpkin patch. (via Lovely Indeed)


13. Penguin Pumpkin: You’re ALL about the cute! Pump up the playful factor of your Halloween festivities with some plush and friendly penguin pumpkins. (via Curbly)


14. Neon Pumpkins: Neon and glitter are your jam. Rep your spirited nature all the way down to your front door decorations with this oh-so-sparkly pumpkin set. (via Style Caster)


15. Gem Spider Pumpkin: Frightening and glamorous are one in the same in this black jeweled spider pumpkin. (via Oopsey Daisy)


16. Mr. Pumpkin Man: Mr. Potato Head’s got nothing on this pumpkin man! (via Hands on As We Grow)


17. Black And White Pumpkin: What’s black, white and preppy all over? This classically painted jack-o’-lantern (duh!). Give your front door decor a simply flawless design by sticking with basic colors and patterns for your Halloween decor. (via Martha Stewart)


18. Fine China Pumpkin: This is a pumpkin fit for royalty. Whether you’re entertaining the Queen of England on All Hollow’s Eve or you’re interested in a pumpkin with an ultra-fancy flair, this porcelain-inspired beauty is perfect for giving your typical Halloween decor that extra elevated aesthetic. (via Town & Country)


19. Chalkboard Word Pumpkin: This clever dark pumpkin is a word lover’s dream! (via Thistlewood Farms)

pumpkins done last

20. Chevron Stripes: Turn your Halloween pumpkin into your next home statement piece with these sleek chevron stripes. This is a piece of decor you can use from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving. (via My Sweet Savannah)


21. Gold Bling Pumpkin: Break out the bedazzler because *everything* is better frosted in gold. (via The Swell Designer)


22. Patterned Pumpkins: Don’t be afraid to play with patterns. Give your Halloween pumpkins an eclectic appeal by mixing and matching designs. Just be sure to stick with the same core colors to tie the look together. (via Alisa Burke)


23. Decoupage Photo Pumpkin: Okay, so you’ve posted on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and just when you thought you’d run out of ways to show off your newborn babe, decoupage is here to the rescue. Swap spooky for adorable and use your Halloween decor as yet another way to show off your proud mama ways. (via Sugar and Charm)

24. Spongebob Pumpkin: Bring on the throwbacks with a set of cartoon-inspired pumpkins. Feel free to include Spongebob’s pineapple home to finish off your childish pumpkin patch ;)


25. Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin: While monogrammed towels are cool and all, nothing beats your own monogrammed jack-o’-lantern. Eye-popping glitter is key for creating a jack-o’-lantern that will make people stop and take notice. (via Unoriginal Mom)


26. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin: Put a not-so-spooky spin on your Halloween decor with this fun (and kid-friendly) Mickey Mouse pumpkin. (via Smart School House)


27. Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin: Turn your jack-o’-lantern into the light that guides you home (especially after a long night out) with a splash of glow-in-the-dark paint. (via Lab Hands)


28. Glitter Pumpkin: This sparkly pumpkin is straight out of a fairy tale. Give your door decor that fairy godmother magic with a sprinkle of gold glitter. (via The Subtle Statement)


29. Tiffany-Inspired Pumpkin: Give your pumpkin decor an air of sophistication with a super chic Tiffany-inspired design. Don’t skimp out on the gold when it comes to recreating this iconic jewelry box look. (via Crafts by Courtney)

30. Ninja Turtles: Protect your house on this frightful night with the help of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


31. Monsters Inc. Pumpkin: You can bring your favorite Pixar characters to your very own doorstep with this super realistic carving. Set this one up on your front steps so the legs hang down and he looks like he’s hanging out. (via Hative)

32. Baby Pumpkin Patch: Pumpkins aren’t just for jack-o’-lanterns! They can also be used as an ultra adorable Halloween costume. Just be sure to have a camera ready when your baby slips into this too-cute outfit.

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