Smart Hoodies are on the way in, but until they get here, why not charge your smartphones with… your pants?! That’s right. Thanks to English fashion designer Adrien Sauvage and Microsoft, you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying as long as you keep your pants on.

The trousers, which first walked onto the runway in London in mid-June, have the new Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate woven into the front pocket. The charging plate works via inductive charging, using an electromagnetic field to transfer electricity between the pants pocket and your phone. It can be charged using a standard micro USB cable and will hold the charge until your pants are activated. (Don’t laugh.) (Photo)

According to Sauvage, creating the wearable tech involved a lot of trial and error, including figuring out how to distribute the heat from the charger and failing to make the pants machine washable. (Photo)

The fashion-meets-function trousers will be available for pre-order soon through the wearable technology store on Amazon. Although a price hasn’t been set, expect them to cost more than $340.

Will you be pre-ordering Adrien Sauvage’s high fashion, wearable tech trousers? Let us know below!

(h/tABC News)