So many people think their bedrooms are unimportant, yet it’s where we spend about a third of our lives. Shouldn’t it be as comfortable as possible? All too often, we see bedrooms with cluttered walls, floors and disheveled beds. It’s time to rectify this! We’re not saying your bedroom has to be as pristine as a five-star hotel room, but it should most definitely be the calmest and most relaxing room in the home.

One easy way to make this happen is by picking the right wall color. In our book, Homemakers, we share the three wall colors we believe to be the best for maximum relaxation: Blue, Lavender and Green. Here are a few photos of swoon-worthy bedrooms that put these colors to the test.


Blue is definitely the most soothing color on the wheel. It has a meditative quality that is hard to pinpoint, in part due to its association with the sea and sky.

As you can see, blue walls can take many forms. You can go for an almost gray sky blue hue, a rich teal, straight up cobalt or deep navy. (photos via: Apartment TherapyDomino, Remodelista and BHG)


Arguably the calmest of the colors, lavender as a wall color has the bonus of evoking the calming effects of the lavender plant.

We love the super pale take on lavender seen in these photos. There’s something sort of summery about it, and it’s instantly calming. (photos via: Design*Sponge, The Design Chaser, Land of Nod and At Home in Love)


The green room is where the magic happens, after all ;)

There’s something lush about a splash of green on the wall. It’s that mix of forest, jungle and plant life that evokes a naturally vibrant feeling. (photos via: Design Crisis, BHG and Color Collective)

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