Ah, the Sip and See. It’s so not a baby shower. The baby-centric fete is exactly what it sounds like; sometime after delivery, you invite your friends and family over to sip some of their fave adult beverages and see your brand new baby. Even though the Sip and See is gaining in popularity, it’s not as common as the pre-birth baby shower. If you’re on the fence about whether to host one of these trendy parties, check out the ins and outs and what’s involved.

1. Your BFFs will thank you. They’ve listened to you go on and on and on about your swollen feet, seasick tummy, achy back, and now-famous flatulence for the past three trimesters. And to top it all off, they paid for what was possibly the best baby shower ever. Now it’s your turn to return the favor. Your friends and family don’t have to bring a thing — they just need to show up and grab a glass of the free-flowing sangria you’re serving!

2. It’s for grown ups, kind of. After you give birth, everything is suddenly all about the baby. You went from Friday night margaritas with the girls to every-night rocking chairs, Winnie the Pooh, and breastfeeding. Now that you’ve settled into some semblance of a routine and you can have a safe sip of Pinot, you’re ready to spend some time with adults. You may not be ready to leave the baby for an evening, so why not bring the party to you?

3. You can plan an informal party. Baby showers start on time, but a a Sip and See is often a much less formal event. It’s more of an open house, with drinks! You can schedule it for a block of time, and expect that guests will rotate in and out.

4. The baby is the focus. As a new mom, you’re tired and haven’t had time to take a proper shower, straighten your hair, or do just about anything that could be considered part of a beauty routine — no sweat. While you were the guest of honor at your baby shower, this time around, everyone’s eyes will be on your baby. Everyone will be “oohing” and “aahing” so much over your little one that they won’t notice that you’re still wearing stretchy waistband pregnancy jeans.

5. There are no games. Yay! Forget about guessing your belly bump circumference, tasting baby foods while blindfolded, or trying to match everyone’s baby pictures up with what they look like now. The Sip and See is typically sans games. Mamas who aren’t exactly “baby game” people will feel a distinctive sense of freedom at this type of party.

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