Dreaming up new and exciting ways to commemorate the day you fell in love with your babe isn’t always an easy task, especially if you’ve been a couple for more than just a handful of trips around the sun. That’s why we’re sharing a few ideas to inspire the celebration of your day of love, based on your horoscope. Scroll on to discover where you and your boo should revel in the romance.



The Spur-of-the-Moment Getaway: Rams are always up for an adventure, so get those romantic juices flowing with an impromptu trip that will set off some major sparks. Paris, anyone?



The Couples Massage: Taurus is an extremely sensual and decadent sign. That’s why booking a couple’s massage at your local spa might be just the thing to set the mood for some major romance.



The Exotic Cooking Class: Since Geminis crave variety, keep things interesting by signing up for a cooking class that will add a bit of spice to your relationship and get things really heated up.


Romantic couple

The Romantic Picnic: Home is where the heart is for Cancers, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a homebody. Keep things fun by setting up a picnic right in your own backyard.



The Hottest Show in Town: Leo the lion is all about drama and passion. Combine the best of both worlds, and snag a couple of theater tickets to set the stage for some serious passion. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to wear that gorgeous gown you’ve been saving for a special occasion.



The Stroll Through the Woods: Virgo is the sign of health and isn’t keen on crowds or noise, so map out a day that involves walking or biking through a wooded glen for the ultimate lovers’ sanctuary.


Potter creating clay bowl on turning wheel

The Pottery Class: Libras are all about embracing the freedom of artistic expression. Take a dip in the creative pool and schedule a pottery class for you and your honey. Okay, maybe we’ve seen the movie Ghost one too many times, but this is the perfect opportunity to dig in, get a little dirty and use your hands to create something you’ll both love just as much as one another.


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The Educational Date: When it comes to the Scorpio sign, love is a perfectly scientific expression of one’s self. Tap into your inner brainiac on your anniversary, and explore the wonders of your local science museum. Be sure to go at night after the crowd has dissipated, so the two of you can nerd out in private.



The Skydiving Adventure: If you’re a Sagittarius, then adventure keeps your engine revving. That’s why there’s no better way to celebrate your love than to take the ultimate leap of faith and jump out of a perfectly good airplane.



The Dinner Party: Capricorns love hobnobbing with those who rule the social stratosphere. Since you don’t mind sharing your boo with others, score a spot at the dinner party where you’re sure to find the best of the best, and celebrate your love in style.



The Unconventional Date: An Aquarius loves to delve into the wacky world of the unconventional. Seize the moment and do something that will really knock your mate’s socks off, like scheduling a play date. Tap into your inner child: Build forts and romp around on the playground to infuse your relationship with some light-hearted fun.


Natural beauty at its finest

The Walk on the Wild Side: Pisces love animals. There’s no better way to celebrate the day you fell in love than to head over to your local zoo and watch the lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) frolicking around in their perfectly manicured habitats.

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