It’s no secret that we fan-girl hard over Magnolia co-founder, New York Times bestselling author, and Fixer Upper star, Joanna Gaines. (Is there anything this mama-of-five can’t do?) And her latest project, a home design book dedicated to finding one’s unique style, is just one more thing we’re cheering her on for. In a recent press release, the star dished on the key takeaways you can expect to see in the piece. If you’re eager to get the preview, scroll below. Then be sure to pick-up your own copy of Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave ($28) on stands now.

Joanna Gaines

1. Great decor doesn’t have to cost a lot. Good news: IKEA items are still fair game when it comes to decorating. “I think there are some misconceptions out there that lead people to think that in order to create spaces you truly love, you have to spend a fortune or have flawless taste. I don’t believe that’s true,” Gaines says.

2. Authenticity is key. When it comes to what *does* matter, products that rep you go a long way (according to the designer, anyways). “I think what matters most is that you surround yourself with things that tell your story,” she says.

Dining Room

3. Take a chance — and have some fun. Maybe your attempt at a maximalist family room was a total flop… but at least you got a cool cheetah-print rug to show for it. Gaines is all for it. “Taking on a new design project or trying out something bold — even if it doesn’t work out — is not the end of the world! Because you tried, you risked, you learned — and hopefully, you had some fun along the way.”

4. Learn from the pros. The designer features her Waco, Texas farmhouse in the book to inspire readers in an unexpected way. “Our farmhouse represents all that I’ve learned over the years — every design failure and every win I’ve experienced along the way,” she says. Her biggest takeaway? “Our home isn’t perfect, but it’s our story that you see all around us there, which made it seem worth including in the book.”


5. Design isn’t all black and white. There’s no one way to do things (even if Pinterest is telling you differently). “More than anything, I hope people will learn that good design isn’t achieved by following arbitrary guidelines or emulating a look they see in someone else’s home… What it comes down to is telling your story and incorporating the things you love into your home,” says Gaines.

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(Images via Magnolia, Lisa Petrole)