It turns out that Colton Underwood’s fence jump was just the start of this week’s Bachelor drama. Less than 24 hours after we watched the season 23 star leap over a gate after having his heart broken by Cassie Randolph, ABC gave us a second serving of Bachelor tea in the form of the Women Tell All special on Tuesday, March 5. It was a wild night, thanks to some lingering hostility among the ladies, and in the end, not much was resolved. But that’s what Bachelor in Paradise is for, right? In the meantime, here are the biggest moments from last night’s episode.

1. Nicole and Onyeka revived their rivalry. Time has not healed the wounds between these two. Their feud was stronger than ever on Tuesday’s special, as Nicole once again accused Onyeka of bullying her in the mansion. Onyeka cut her off to give her the dictionary definition of a bully — she came prepared — but that just led to more fighting. Each woman had a chance to say their “own piece,” as host Chris Harrison put it, but when Nicole attempted to get the other contestants on her side, a handful claimed that she was the one causing issues in the mansion and talking about people behind their backs. It’s safe to say she and Onyeka won’t be hanging out after the cameras stop rolling.

2. Katie and Caelynn clashed in a big way. When Katie left the show, she told Colton that some of the remaining women weren’t ready to get engaged, which Caelynn said jeopardized her relationship. Katie stood by what she said, though, and specifically called out Caelynn for a conversation she had with Cassie about one of them “winning” and one of them becoming the Bachelorette. Their disagreement somehow escalated into a shouting match involving several of the women, including Jane and Tahzjuan. On the bright side, though, Caelynn and Hannah B. seem to have resolved their issues.

3. Demi was Demi. Demi was just as bold during the tell-all as she was during her time in the mansion. She readily admitted that her big personality made her a target while interacting with Colton and the other contestants. Naturally, that led to a conversation about Demi’s maturity — or lack thereof, according to the other contestants. Courtney, in particular, took issue with Demi’s behavior, resulting in a spat that involved lots of yelling, name-calling (Demi compared Courtney to bed bugs), and a near physical confrontation. Courtney even shoved a pacifier in Demi’s mouth, which was just as ridiculous and terrible as it sounds.

4. Chris Harrison had an “Oprah moment.” During the one-on-one portion of the evening, Chris Harrison put Nicole in the hot seat to talk about her frequent crying. After she explained that she comes from a family that encourages her to express herself, Chris decided to help her out with any further emotional turmoil by giving her a year’s worth of Halo Top ice cream. And he didn’t stop there. Declaring it his “Oprah moment,” he informed the crowd, “You get ice cream! And you get ice cream! And YOU get ice cream!”

5. Caelynn confronted Colton about their breakup. After making it to the final four and taking Colton home to meet her family, Caelynn was sent home in week eight. As she sat in the hot seat on Tuesday, she cried and confessed that she was still completely confused by what had happened. She tried to get an answer directly from Colton when he joined them after a commercial break, but he merely acknowledged that their “relationship was special” before admitting that he couldn’t tell her anything that would give her closure.

6. “Are you still a virgin?” Sydney asked the question that’s been on viewers’ minds since Colton revealed that he was a virgin back on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. He managed to avoid giving an answer before Chris asked the women what they thought. Our take? It’s Colton’s business to share or not share.

(Photos via ABC/Eric McCandless)