Do you ever feel like there just aren鈥檛 enough hours in the day? If you鈥檙e anything like me, that鈥檚 almost every day. Seemingly easy things fall by the wayside, and my to-do list just keeps growing. Standing in long lines and spending time putting gadgets together isn鈥檛 exactly something that I have time for. And learning how to actually use it? Forget about it! Lucky for me (and you!), that鈥檚 where Enjoy comes in. It鈥檚 basically Genius Bar meets Uber.


Here鈥檚 how it works:聽Once you order a new product online (either from their website, or from one of their partners like AT&T), an Enjoy Expert will deliver your new gadget (for FREE!) straight to your home or office, or even meet you at your favorite coffee shop. And no delivery windows here; they show up at the exact time you select.

Seriously, does it get any better? Tech concierge FTW. It鈥檚 safe to say I鈥檓 totally hooked.

Last month I ordered a set of Sonos speakers for the Brit + Co offices and Enjoy Expert Rose stopped by to help me set them up. It took less than 30 minutes and was a super simple process. Oh, and there was legit dancing involved after we got the sound working. Check out the video above to witness my mad skills.

Seriously, if you鈥檙e looking for the easiest way to buy your next gadget (and actually know how to use it), you have to check it out.

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This post is a collaboration with Enjoy.