No, it doesn’t involve a bucket of water (been there, done that … cried the resulting tears). This latest innovation in the land of technology encourages better health through clean smartphones.

The PhoneSoap Charger is a dual-function device — it sanitizes your phone while it charges, without the use of chemicals, liquids or heat. How can this universal device (yes, it will fit all phones up to 6”x 3.74”) get rid of 99.9% of the germs on your phone? The secret is two UV-C lamps that produce a wavelength of light designed to impair the DNA of bacteria and viruses. Once it completes a four-minute cycle, PhoneSoap Charger will have your smartphone so fresh and so clean clean!

PhoneSoap Charger ships with a Micro USB cable included, but you can swap it for any other cord (ahem, Apple’s Lightning cord) once you get it home. There’s also a green indicator on the PhoneSoap Charger to let you know when your device is fully charged.

And just when we thought they’d thought of everything — it turns out there’s even acoustic outlets built into PhoneSoap Charger. So if you want to clean your phone overnight or even at work, you’ll still hear all those important alarms, tweets and texts.

Available for $60, you can pick up your own PhoneSoap Charger in either black or white here. Now let’s all do a Happy Dance because our phones are clean and it wasn’t because we accidentally tried to drown them!

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