That pink double line just crossed the pregnancy test. Congrats, mama! Now that you have nine months to prep for baby, it’s time to school yourself in everything that goes into parenting. You’ve probably exhausted yourself by reading all the blogs, buying all the books, and talking to all of your mom-friends. Give yourself a break from all the research on pregnancy and raising great kids by curling up on the couch to watch a preggo-friendly movie. These six films will make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes, and get you ready for baby!


1. Baby Mama: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make motherhood pretty hilarious. This is perfect for mamas who’ve struggled with fertility issues, or anyone who just needs a good laugh. From Poehler’s absolute inability to figure out how to open a baby-proofed toilet (it’s harder than it looks) to the surprise ending (no spoilers here), you can rest your pregnant brain and get totally into this light-hearted buddy comedy. (Photo via Universal)


2. Knocked Up: Yeah, we know that not every expectant mom actually planned her pregnancy. Sometimes it’s, um — a surprise. Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen are a very unlikely couple in an even more accidental situation. They have their ups and downs (complete with a hilarious hormone-fueled scene where Heigl kicks Rogen out of her car), but in a completely comical way. Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd (who play Heigl’s sister and brother-in-law) add extra hilarity. And bonus: Mann and Rudd return in the not-so-sequel flick that follows their own family in This Is 40. (Photo via Universal)


3. Riding in Cars With Boys: This movie tackles teen pregnancy way differently than Teen Mom does. However old you are, Riding in Cars With Boys is a sweet, kind of sappy, and totally touching film to watch during pregnancy. Based on the autobiography by writer Beverly Donofrio (Drew Barrymore plays her on screen), this pick follows Bev’s unexpected teen pregnancy, her struggles as a young mother, and the intensely complicated relationship that she has with her son. There are days that every mom feels like life’s challenges are just too much. Donofrio’s story will make you say, “If she can do it, so can I!” (Photo via Sony)

FOR KEEPS?, Molly Ringwald, Randall Batinkoff, 1988, (c)TriStar Pictures

4. For Keeps: This teen pregnancy movie is an ’80s favorite, featuring none other than brat packer and ’80s queen Molly Ringwald. Okay, so this totally fictional tale of a high school senior who gets pregnant before graduation isn’t exactly an award-winner. But it’s a rad retro flick that even fans of Ringwald might have missed. (Photo via TriStar)

Mia Farrow clutches a knife in a scene from the film 'Rosemary's Baby', 1968. (Photo by Paramount/Getty Images)

5. Rosemary’s Baby: Yep, we’re absolutely suggesting you watch Rosemary’s Baby. We know — it’s not anywhere near the picture-perfect pregnancy you’re hoping for, but it’ll be a great reference to share with your partner on those really tough parenting days. If you don’t already know the iconic plot: Mia Farrow is carrying the devil’s baby. Sure, it’s kind of freaky, but it’s also pure entertainment and a top pick for horror and suspense lovers. (Photo via Archive Photos/Getty)


6. Juno: This teen mom pick is brilliantly written and acted by an incredible cast. Ellen Page’s completely quirky character takes a pragmatic approach to pregnancy. Flanked by her comically nerdy guy (Michael Cera), a kind-of-douchy would-be adoptive dad (Jason Bateman), a pretty and perfect adoptive mom (Jennifer Garner), her dad (JK Simmons), her stepmom (Allison Janney), and her BFF (Olivia Thirbly), Juno shows us that even though she’s “ill-equipped” to be a mom, she’s not lamenting her life.

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