Move over, adult coloring books – weaving is the next big meditative DIY trend! From wall hanging tapestries to beautiful colored rugs, weaving is where it’s at. The best news? We just launched our very own line of Brit + Co DIY Kits available exclusively at Target! Now you can get your weaving fix with our Weave a Wall Hanging Kit and Weave a Necklace Kit (btw, these are just two of the many kits available). Put your plans on hold for the next month, because trust us, THIS is what you’re gonna be doing with all of your free time. It’s unbe-WEAVE-able!


Weaving is a fun and relaxing way to unwind from your day or spend a quiet evening in. Queue up your streaming playlists or favorite podcast, because it’s time to get your weave on. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


The best part is that our Weave a Wall Hanging Kit is so easy to set up and do that you’ll be a weaving expert in no time.


You can grab a couple of kits to experiment and learn different stitches. Or grab a few for the roomies. Make different patterns to create a collage of tapestries for the ultimate cozy and colorful home with a personal touch.


Don’t stop there! Take your weaving to the next level and make it a mini with these super cute DIY necklaces.

Apply the same weaving skills to the Weave a Necklace Kit and show off your new skills with this adorable and super hip accessory. Time to hit up Target to grab a kit ASAP!

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Production + Styling: Lindsay Saito + Marianne Koo

Photography: Chris Andre