Whether you’re just graduating college or thinking about switching careers, figuring out the right professional path for yourself is a majorly exciting and exhilarating time in your life. It’s also a chapter that comes with its own set of anxieties and uncertainties. How do you know you’re following the correct path? Is there a correct path? Career coaches, college counselors and personality quizzes are incredible resources, but there’s something to be said for following the cosmic path and using the stars as your guide. Read on to find out which career you should avoid at all costs, based on your zodiac sign.

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1. Accountant. Aries, those horns of yours just won’t allow you satisfaction in a repetitive desk job with little adventure. Your pioneering, courageous spirit demands much more stimulation and independence than an accounting position can afford you.


2. Salesperson. It’s in a Taurus’ nature to want to be sold to, not to sell. You’ve got great taste, this we know, but it’s better suited to partake rather than give. Plus, your sometimes inflexible demeanor could present some rather awkward situations with hesitant customers on the sales floor.


3. Landscaper. As a lively, intellectual air sign, Gemini, you will not do well in a career that keeps your head to the ground. You crave versatility and communication in your career, and planting trees in solitude just won’t satisfy you.

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4. Doctor. Caring, thoughtful Cancer — being a doctor would just eat away at that sweet heart of yours. You’re naturally protective and sympathetic, which means you’ll have a hard time taking yourself out of the constant high pressure and emotional situations a doctor faces on the daily. You’ll give yourself an anxiety attack before your residency is over.


5. Financier. You’re so creative, warm and open, Leo, that a job as a financier would just kill your enthusiastic spirit. You’re serious about the things you love, of course, but you’re just too social and popular to stick to numbers all day long.


6. Artist. Taking up as a bohemian, free-spirited artist just isn’t in the cards for meticulous Virgo. Your perfectionist tendencies are no fit for the up and down, uncertain lifestyle that an artist embodies.


7. Writer. Living the solitary writerly life just won’t do for you, sociable Leo. You crave connection with your fellow humans — your charming and easygoing nature demands it — and writing won’t fulfill that in you.

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8. Architect. Your emotional and passionate nature would make you a great artist, Scorpio, but as an architect? You’ll end up feeling unfulfilled, stifled and bored. There’s just too much meticulous planning and exacting measurements that go into the profession to properly excite you.


9. Engineer. You’re the life of the party, Sag, and who has ever heard of an engineer being the life of the party!? No offense to those engineers with a major wild streak. You’re much better suited to careers that celebrate your funny, larger-than-life personality.


10. Tech start-up founder. Dear Cap, who loves stability and security more than you? No one! Sure, being involved with a tech start-up will tickle your ambitious streak, but you’re ultimately just too practical and straightforward for all the crazy that comes along with Silicon Valley.

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11. Lawyer. You’re known for being one of the most loyal and honest signs in the zodiac, Aquarius, and the inherently secretive nature of the lawyerly profession is in direct opposition to that. Your straightforward, friendly tendencies are much better served in a more humanitarian career.


12. Politician. We all know the reputation of politicians — underhanded, sneaky and uncaring. Of course, that’s not all politicians, but it’s enough to keep you away. You’re sensitive, thoughtful and totally selfless and shouldn’t taint your innocent spirit with a career in politics.

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