We fully admit that we’re right into the unicorn craze. Unicorn macarons, unicorn chocolate, unicorn hot chocolate and no-bake unicorn cheesecake, oh my! We want ‘em all. But it’s always when a trend hits its peak that the mainstream jumps on board in a rather eyebrow-raising way. And that’s the case with this particular unicorn latte that will have you handing over more cash than you’d expect. But that’s because this isn’t any ordinary latte. It’s magical!

Okay, perhaps not totally magical, but the peeps over at Williamsburg’s The End Brooklyn cafe claim that it does have healing qualities. And that must be why it costs a whopping $9. Yep, $9 for one 12-ounce unicorn latte.

Created with raw cashews, ginger and Blue Majik spirulina extract, as well as maca root and Medjool dates (with a few other common ingredients like water and lemon juice), you have the option of a sprinkle of Spirulina powder on top for garnish. FYI: Any rainbows you see in pics (i.e. below) are not part of the drink, much to our dismay.

Apparently best enjoyed before a deep yoga session or meditation because of its restorative qualities, it can be served warm or chilled to your preference.

It certainly sounds… magical? But is it worth the steep price? Some seem to think so, with barista Brandi Spiller telling Gothamist, “It’s been selling like crazy; everybody comes in here asking for it. It’s our top seller. We sold about 20 yesterday.”

Though when photographer Scott Heins was asked about his opinion on the mystical drink, his review wasn’t too impressive: “Disappointing taste and texture, sadly. It’s just warm… juice? With crunchy sprinkles on top.” Note: Sometimes the drink comes with flowers instead of sprinkles, because somehow that’s unicorn-related?

Honestly, though, couldn’t they at least stick in some sort of snazzy unicorn horn-type treat into the drink for that price?

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(h/t Gothamist)