Put down your phone, and set aside that Kindle. Whether you and your partner have been together for one year or 100, there’s always room to dial up the romance and bring more fun and games into your relationship. That’s where the Game of Love comes in — say hello to your new date-night essential.

The Game of Love ($50) is a customizable board game printed onto a fitted bed sheet. It’s the perfect way to surprise your partner and make bedtime exciting again. “Nobody talks about the fact that as life gets busier, the physical side of a relationship is one of the first things to go,” says creator Monica Mangin, CEO at East Coast Creative. “Work, kids, stress — whatever it is — can land even the best couples in a major rut.”

Monica created the first Game of Love 12 years ago as a surprise for her husband, and she loves how the idea has since inspired women of all ages to create their own DIY versions. With the launch of her new Game of Love product line, Monica is hoping to spread the love even more.

“It’s not only an awesome surprise, but shows that forethought and effort went into creating a really special time together,” she says. “That earns major points!”

To play, you or your partner use a washable fabric marker to fill in each blank game space with a physical activity, question or gift idea. Whether you keep things naughty or nice is totally up to you. Thanks to the Game of Love’s online Idea Vault, you’ll have access to hundreds of unique ideas you can combine with your own.

“You can customize your game to fit your relationship just right,” Monica tells us. “We all have little inside jokes and favorite activities, and all of that can be reflected in your game.”

Maybe there’s a question you’ve always wanted to ask, or something physical you used to enjoy, but just haven’t been able to fit into your regular routine. With the Game of Love, you’ll have the perfect reason to get playful and let your imagination run wild.

Ready to make your move? Visit the Game of Love’s online shop, where kits are now available for pre-sale. Each standard $50 kit comes with a fitted king or queen game board bed sheet, three washable fabric markers, a plush game piece, a die and access to the Idea Vault. If that’s not enough, you can also purchase expanded kits that include body paint, tattoos and other creative tools.

Best of all, by using the code BRIT&GOL, Brit + Co readers will receive a five-percent discount and snag a free set of love notes with their purchase of any kit. A portion of every sale goes toward supporting Worthwhile Wear, an organization working to fight human trafficking by confronting poverty. Doing good for others while getting sweet and sassy with your honey? Sounds spectacular to us!

How would you use the Game of Love to surprise your sweetie and spice up your love life? Tell us in the comments below!