When we say the words “festival style” images of flower crowns, boho tops and ripped denim shorts probably come to mind. And if you were at Coachella, that’s exactly what you’d find. But when the Brits get dressed for Glastonbury (their huge summer music fest), things are a bit different. Because, as you might know, it rains in England. Like, a lot.

So while they might be dreaming of Free People ensembles, even the most stylish of celebs attending Glastonbury have to wear the same unconventional piece of summer attire: rain boots (or wellies if you’re British/just want to sound fancy). How do you dress for a summer music festival while wearing a winter staple? Here’s how these four celebs approached the fashion dilemma.


The Delevingne sisters (Cara is on the left, Poppy is on the right) went about styling their wellies in two totally opposite ways. Cara decided to put more emphasis on her hair (dip-dyed braids, what?!) and went for a “function over fashion” sort of mentality for the rest of her look in a windbreaker and fanny pack. Poppy, on the other hand, went for slightly more pulled together look. She paired her Hunter boots with some skinny jeans, a bomber jacket and cat eye specs.


Next up, Alexa Chung (left) and Ellie Goulding (right). Alexa ditched the classic style of rain boots for a Chelsea boot alternative. In classic Alexa Chung style, she gave the look some vintage vibes in a graphic t-shirt and cut-off shorts. Ellie on the other hand, went for a ’90s grunge-inspired look by simply pairing her boots with an embroidered + oversized flannel. We’re going to say this round goes to Alexa.

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(Photo Alex Huckle/Getty)