For all you commitment-phobes out there, this one is for you. Hair chalk is the perfect hair tool for walking on the wild side of color without being stuck with a look for months. Easy to apply and even easier to wash out, hair chalk styles can range from coy to all-out crazy. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite inspirations for hair chalking this summer. Get flirty or fierce with these looks.

1. Chalk Tips: A few skinny, multi-colored tips is a fun, festival-worthy look that’s easy and quick to pull together. (via Cup of Jo)

2. Long Streaks: If you have tresses long enough to make Rapunzel jealous, electrify your look with streaks from the top of your head to the very tips. Weave in a braid and highlight your princess-worthy pastel locks. (via Hair Romance)

3. Pretty Pastels: This look wasn’t originally created with hair chalk, but you can definitely achieve it with that. The hardest part of it all? Getting your hair the whitest bleach blonde to let whatever color you choose shine through. (via Teen Vogue)

4. DIY Colorful Pastel Hair Tips Using Soft Pastel: Mr. Kate admits she didn’t create the look, but we have to give her major props for her technicolored take on the trend. Her top tip? Finish with hairspray if you really want to seal it in. (via Mr. Kate)

5. Dip Dyed Pony: Lauren Conrad, we bow down. Who knew being on the edge of style could look so sweet and innocent? LC’s style was created with temporary dye, but the less messy option is taking a stick of chalk to your tips. (via The Beauty Department)

6. Steely Stlye: Gray ain’t just for grandma. Give the ombre trend a rocker chic vibe. (via Style Noted)

7. Watercolor Bun: Once you’ve given your strands that watercolored look, here’s a way to display them in all their glory. Turn the top knot into a wispy, whimsical dream look for your wedding or big event. Here is a bun tutorial to get you started! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

8. 6 Easy Steps: If your hair is more medium than light, this is the tutorial for you. Biggest take away: Set the color with a curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer — anything that brings the heat. (via The Model Stage Blog)

9. Reverse Ombre: Make ’em do a double take by reversing the direction on the ombre trend. We couldn’t find a how-to for this look, but it looks pretty straight forward. Apply to roots. Set with heat. End of tutorial. (via Luv AJ)

10. Pink Out: Move over, Katy Perry! We’re going all the way with a single color. (via Leila Joy Photography)

11. Rope Braid: Here’s a super easy do-it-yourself style that lets you go wild while still keeping things prim and proper. (via Hair Romance)

12. Minty Fresh: Blondes, we know the thought of green hair brings back memories of summers spent too long in the chlorine water. But, we promise it can be chic for you in a dreamy way. Brunettes, a little green gives your locks a minty chocolate chip vibe. Delicious. (via Nasty Gal)

What hair chalk trend are you dying to try? Let us know!