You know how much we love color — we practically dream in Pantone! But this pastel hair trend has got even us raising our brows. Don’t get us wrong, it’s as dreamy as beauty risks get, but any wide-eyed way you look at it, it’s a bold, bold move. Even so, it’s been seeping into our Pinterest feeds at a rapid rate, especially since it’s a look that some of our favorite A-listers like the always technicolor Katy Perry and style maven Nicole Richie totally embrace. Although all of us at Brit + Co. couldn’t imagine ourselves with teal streaks or cotton candy bangs, these hairstyles are SO fun to look at! So gawk your hearts out at these 15 pretty pastel hairstyles. But be warned: They’re so fantastically perfect that they really might inspire you to streak some color into your ‘do this summer.

1. Pink to Orange Ombre: Katy Perry blends the pastel trend with the ombre look and convinces us that it will become a classic look that is forever in style. Her light pink to starburst orange hair has a subtle warmth to it that is casual enough to wear without making too much of a statement. (via A Pirates Revealing Taste)

2. A Tinge of Pink: P!nk is perfect in pink! Her roots are tinted lightly but still have lots of chunky blonde streaks to create a more subtle look. The undertone compliments her skin tone so well that she somehow manages to make this look natural on her. (via Popsugar)

3. Hues of Lavender: Nicole Richie jumped on the pastel trend train pretty early and has since been rocking various shades of cool lavender. She has the highlights, base and lowlights down to science, giving her dimensions that make the color look grown up-appropriate as opposed to teeny bopper punk-rock dye that came from a box. (via Paper Magazine)

4. Iced Beige Blonde: This beige/blonde/gray look is a bit more debatable in terms of being able to pull off easily. This model looks stunning, but is this a wearable look for the average gal? It comes down to your personality and if you can own it proudly. Definitely requires makeup and a spunky confidence to rock this one! (via Wonder Forest)

5. Purple Blonde: First off, this gal’s punchy eye makeup is the perfect accent to her stunning locks. Her hair appears to be balayaged with purple + platinum blonde, creating a look full of dimension that reflects light beautifully. (via Sisters Revolution)

6. Aqua Teal: Being able to pull of any hair color with green undertones usually requires a flawless complexion and the right skin tone. This woman’s porcelain skin is the perfect fit. She looks gorgeous with her teal base and platinum highlights. (via Fashion Bitch)

7. Coral: Sort of a modern take on the ever stunning Gwen Stefani’s pink fringed bob, this lob (long bob) has a more muted coral hue to it that many could pull off — really! (via Hey Mishka)

8. Subtle Pink Streaks: For the girl who wants to dabble with color but not overcommit, go for a look like Rachel McAdams’ streaks of pink just framing her face. (via As You Wish)

9. Cotton Candy Pink N’ Blue : On the other end of the spectrum, this is a full on commitment! This half cotton-candy pink, half purply-blue ‘do is really stunning in a photograph… but likely a little challenging to wear daily for most. (via Beauty High)

10. Dipped in Blues: The trick to this AH-MAZING dipped hair is a seamless transition from light teal to royal blue ends. If this dye job is pulled off correctly, it’s a serious show stopper! (via Antonina Dolanix)

11. Chalk it Up : Ok, so you are feeling super inspired at this point but still not convinced that you’re willing to go all the way, huh? Here’s your chance to bust out some hair chalk and give this trend a test run! Click through to get our hair chalk 101 tutorial! (via Brit + Co)

12. Feathered in Hair Chalk: So now you’re a hair chalk pro, huh? Prove it with this look as your extreme inspiration: Hair chalk in pretty-messy braids. Obsessed! (via Little Tutu Princess)

13. Partly Pastel: Personally, I am a huge fan of this approach, and both blonds or brunettes could pull it off. Just a few streaks of pastels randomly throughout your hair makes for a playful tease of color. (via The Girl in The Penthouse)

14. Pastel Pigment: Okay, so this is technically hair… eyebrow hair! ;) After stumbling across this, it’s just too good to NOT add to the mix! Perhaps an inspiration for a Halloween look this year? (Yes, here at Brit + Co. we’re already ALL over what will go down for our favorite holiday of the year!). (via Blushing Noir)

15. Multicolored Ombre: Here’s another all-over color, but somehow, it has a simpler feel to it since her roots are left more natural. What a fun way to go big, but not too big! (via Vogue)

So tell us the truth: Would you ever rock a pastel hairdo? Who do you think wears it best? Tell us in the comments below.