Brooklyn Nine-Nine not only boasts a stellar main cast, but also attracts some hilarious guest stars, including Nick Offerman, Bill Hader, Bradley Whitford, Fred Armisen, Craig Robinson (AKA The Pontiac Bandit), and Sterling K. Brown. Now we can add Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to that list, too: The multi-talented star is set to appear on the NBC sitcom as David Santiago, the brother of detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero).

Miranda will appear on the March 7 episode, “The Golden Child.” Not much is known about the plot of the episode, but since Amy is notoriously competitive, we have a feeling that the reunion between her and her brother will be good for some major laughs.

Fumero, for one, could not be more excited. She celebrated the news on Twitter, retweeting an article about it and writing, “It’s happening Nine Niners. It’s finally happening!!!”

She also revealed that Miranda’s appearance on the show has been in the works for a while: “By the way, every time you all have screamed for him to be a Santiago brother, how badly I wanted to tweet back ‘WE’RE TRYING! HE’S TRYING! EVERY SEASON WE TRY! HE IS VERY BUSY!'”

Miranda has been very vocal about his love for the series. When it was briefly canceled back in May, he joined other fans in rallying behind the show on Twitter. “RENEW BROOKLYN NINE NINE. I ONLY WATCH LIKE 4 THINGS,” he wrote. “THIS IS ONE OF THE THINGS.”

That tweet actually led to him becoming friends with several other super-famous Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, including Seth Meyers, Mark Hamill, Sean Astin, and Guillermo Del Toro. They even started a group chat and dubbed themselves the “Guardians of the Nine-Nine.”

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(photo via Mike Pont/Getty Images for Lindt Chocolate)