We don’t just write about creativity here at Brit + Co — we pass creativity around. We have a whole slew of online classes and DIY kits that enable you to be creative by teaching you a variety of DIY techniques and skills — like this new class all on screen printing!

Plus, we’ve got the best of the best. We partner with makers, designers and bloggers to share their expertise with you. This includes topics like calligraphy, watercolor, developing a web page and acrylic painting, just to name a few.

And we make it super easy to get started: most of our online classes come with a companion supply kit that you can scoop up.

Now let’s get to it. Drumroll, please. Next up on our roster of creative classes is…


Ready to customize just about anything? Jesse Genet of Lumi is sharing her screen printing passion with you. In her fun new class, Screen Printing at Home, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose and mix inks
  • How to choose the best design
  • Testing your print
  • Text and pattern design
  • Tips and tricks on getting the best custom prints

Not sure what that means yet? You will soon enough. Plus, you’ll come out of the class with a rad canvas weekender tote.


You’ll also walk away with the skills to make a variety of personalized items, full of your favorite graphics, quotes and mottos. We’re thinking about a coffee mug, cozy sweatshirt or maybe even a rad cheese board.

And hey, don’t head over to your local art supply store just yet. You’d spend about $90 on all the supplies you’ll need to take the class.

Instead, scoop up our Screen Printing at Home Kit for $49 in the Brit + Co Shop. This handy-dandy kit includes a canvas weekender tote, two silkscreen designs, a squeegee, two fabric test swatches and black and white screen printing ink. PLUS, it comes with a 20% off promo code to buy another silkscreen through Lumi.

Oh, by the way, if you buy the Screen Printing at Home Kit with our Screen Printing at Home Class, you can enjoy our 10% off bundle deal.


And hey, if you need some inspo, check out the Tees and Bags collection in the Brit + Co Shop.

What’s your next screen printing project? Chat with us in the comment section below.