No one likes an untidy cooking space, especially when all of your cute kitchen tools don’t have a proper home. When you have a teeny kitchen, well, that only makes the problem worse with the lack of cabinets and counters. Surprisingly, the solution to this could be lurking in your home office. That’s right: Your average, everyday office supplies are great tools for hacking your area into organized bliss. Still skeptical? Keep reading to learn more.

1. Butterfly Clips for Organizing Seasoning Packets: If you have spice, dip, and sauce packets scattered all over your pantry, listen up. Stack them and fasten together with a binder clip. Then hang the bunch from a small removable hook in your cupboard, and voila! (Tip + DIY via One Good Thing by Jillee)

2. File Folders to Store Fruits and Veggies: Few things are more satisfying than color coordination. Separate your various fruits and veggies by color and store them in individual file folders to keep your counters less cluttered. (Tip via Buzzfeed)

3. Use Baskets to Separate Food Storage Lids and Containers: How many times have you looked through drawer after drawer trying to find a lid to match your food storage container, to no avail? Prevent it from happening ever again by giving them each a designated home in a labeled plastic bin. (Tip + DIY via The Homes I Have Made)

4. Utilize Your Label Maker to Identify Spices: You are the queen of your pantry, and no one can tell you differently. Show those spices and dry goods who’s boss by giving them all a tag with your label maker. You’ll never confuse sugar and salt again. (Tip + DIY via 86 Lemons)

5. Pegboard As a Backsplash: There’s nothing more infuriating than opening your cabinet and having everything fall out at one time. Take a deep breath and consider putting up a pegboard as a stylish and functional backsplash that you can hook your pots and pans on. (Tip + DIY via Design Sponge)

6. Cork Board or Chalkboard Wall: It doesn’t have to be big, but turning a portion of your wall into a chalk or cork board for notes, schedules, and grocery lists will keep your life *so* much more organized. No more sticky notes on the counter, please. (Tip + DIY via JRox Designs)

7. Storage for Multiple Cutting Boards With a Paper File Basket: Cutting boards are awkward and take up way too much room on your counter. One clever solution to this is to mount a paper file basket to the inside of your cabinet door to store any small and flat objects, like cheese and cutting boards. (Tip + DIY via Smartaleck Studio)

8. Magazine File for Stacking Canned Goods: Who would have thought that those tiny little cans of veggies would fit perfectly in a magazine holder? To make a stopper at the end, use a painted bobby pin or other thin rod to secure the flow. (Tip + DIY via PB&J Stories)

9. Three-Ring Binder Clips As Hooks for Aprons: There’s no need to go buy fancy kitchen hooks. Upcycle your sophomore-year psychology binder and use the inner clips for securing your grilling essentials. They even close, so the wind won’t make everything fly off! (Tip + DIY via Upcycle Us)

10. Clipboards for Visible Meal Planning: You’re much more likely to stick to your meal planning if the menus are right in front of your face. For a less permanent solution, pin clipboards to the wall, and encourage your family to make notes whenever possible. (Tip + DIY via Balancing Home)

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