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Procrastinators Rejoice! 11 Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

Being the perfect Santa for everyone on your list takes some serious time and effort. Dads who have everything, friends who want just about everything, husbands or wives who make you never stop wanting to impress (we’ve worked through that one before)… it’s never easy, but always worthwhile. So if you’re running out of time — or energy — you can still be the fabulous gift giver we know you are with these ten awesome last minute gifts. Our procrastinator’s guide is full of subscriptions, credits, and gift cards that you can buy and gift online anywhere and anytime.


17 Ways to Bring Your Instagrams to Life

Instagram is by far my favorite app. Original, right? Everyone at Brit + Co. loves Instagram. And what’s not to love? It’s beautiful and simple (and even gives us all an inside look into Cara Delevingne’s rockstar life). If you’re as attached to your ‘grams as we are then check out these 17 new ways to bring them to life.


10 Apps That Make Your News Beautiful Again

If you’re like me and think there’s something beautiful about newspaper and magazine layouts, but love being able to access all your news from a few swipes on your iPhone, check out these 10 awesome apps.


15 Ways to Rock ‘Made in the USA’

Rocking entirely red, white and blue looks might only be appropriate for July 4th celebrations, Labor Day barbeques, and America themed parties, but wearing American-made never goes out of style. Since we love all things homemade at Brit + Co., we decided to put together a list of our favorite companies making beautiful clothes, accessories and more in this beautiful homeland of ours so now you can rock some American pride every season.


Here Come the Apps: 11 Tools for the Digital Wedding

Weddings are everyone’s favorite traditions—the tipsy toasts, thoughtful gifts, themed-drinks, your family dancing to YMCA, and, of course, all the love. They’re all essential parts of the bride and groom’s night to remember, and with hundreds of apps and sites designed for wedding planning, the ceremony and the fun that follows is easier—and often much less expensive—to plan than ever before. Which is why we’re highlighting our favorite tools for you to have the perfect digital (but no less romantic) wedding.


16 Fresh Ways to Plug AND Unplug This Summer

Summer is the time to unplug, turn off your iPhone and head to the beach with a scandalous book in one hand and a set of headphones in the other. And yet… actually ‘unplugging’ isn’t so easy when most of us read on our trusty Kindles or iPads and all of our carefully curated playlists live on Spotify or Rdio. So, with that in mind, whether you prefer to log off or stayed connected this summer, we put together a list pairing the best ways to have some fun in the sun – hosting your friends, jet setting for weekend adventures or simply preserving those warm weather memories – both ON and OFFline.


15 Need-to-Know Custom Clothing Companies

No one does DIY quite like Brit + Co. Whether it’s friendship bracelets, a trendy up-do or the classic summer beach wrap, they have you covered. But, if you’re like me, you probably throw your favorite DIY ideas on a Pinterest board and end up saving them for a rainy day. If you can’t customize your every look from the craft table, but love the custom trend, check out the best of what I like to call “DIY your style” – or custom clothing – companies.