Instagram is by far my favorite app. Original, right? Everyone at Brit + Co. loves Instagram. And what’s not to love? It’s beautiful and simple (and even gives us all an inside look into Cara Delevingne’s rockstar life). If you’re as attached to your ‘grams as we are, then check out these 17 new ways to bring them to life.

1. PostalPix: With PostalPix, you can print your Instagrams as luster sheen prints, aluminum prints, and more. And you can choose from a variety of sizes—from 4×4 squares to 8×10 prints (prices vary based on your selection), so they’ll fit wherever needs some brightening up.

2. Printstagram: There are so many fabulous ways to use Printstagram. We’ve written about how you can make a beautiful photo book, but we’re also fans of Printstagram’s stickers and daily prints. No better way to start your day than one of your favorite photos letting you know it’s July 19 :)

3. Calendagram: As much as I love the National Geographic calendar my grandmother gives me every year, I think I’d prefer a personalized calendar. With Calendagram, you can choose twelve Instagrams to populate each month of your hand-made calendar, which is printed on heavy cardstock and spiral bound.

4. Postagram: If you’re studying or working abroad, recently moved across the country, or just like sending postcards, then Postagram is perfect for you. With this app, you can create a personalized postcard in just a couple seconds and send it to anyone in the U.S., Canada, or Europe for $0.99. (Image via Postagram Blog)

5. BumbleJax: This Seattle-based company will take your Instagrams and create mounted, gallery-quality art for your trendy apartment using unique materials such as gatorfoam, plexiglass, raw aluminum, and even bamboo.

6. CanvasPop: Another option to consider when decorating your walls with Instagram photos is CanvasPop. What’s so fantastic about CanvasPop is that they offer free digital proofs and a 100 percent “love it” guarantee. So, if you’re not totally satisfied with your canvas, you can send it back! (Image via Uncrate)

7. Reelagram: Remember those classic View-Masters that used to entertain you for hours as a kid? Yup, those. With Reelagram, you just sign in to your Instagram account, select the photos you want in your reel, and check out a preview. The end result will cost you about $29. Now that’s cool. (Image via Doejo)

8. Projecteo: Kickstarter success story Projecteo gives you another way to mix your digital and real worlds. This teensy projector (just under $35) works with a slide wheel just like Reelagram, but will project your Instagrams like a classic slideshow. All you do is link your account and add your photos to the wheel, and your Projecteo will be on its way. Quite the fun background for a little get together if you ask me.

9. Stickygram: With Stickygram, you can turn your Instagrams into adorable magnets and iPhone cases. I love the magnets—and plan on sending a few of my sister and I to my mom for Christmas, which Stickygram makes easy to do with totally free shipping. (Image via Little Chief Honeybee)

10. Castegram: Castegram’s another option for Instagram-decorated iPhone cases. Just choose a layout, upload your photo (or photos), and you’re golden—just like that iPhone 5s you’ve been eyeing. (Image via Com Drama)

11. Blurb: Photo books are a must-have, and Blurb’s one of our favorites. With Blurb, you can easily turn your Instagram feed into the perfect photo-filled book with their various templates. Great for wedding gifts, baby’s firsts, and graduation gifts. (Image via Brit + Co.)

12. Keepsy: For pocket-sized books that fit your coffee table or carry on, check out Keepsy. You pick the book size and color scheme, select the photos, and the editors will do the rest. (Image via Keepsy Blog)

13. Coastermatic: Speaking of that coffee table…Coastermatic is the perfect way to show off your photos (and your bartending skills). For $25 plus shipping, you can have four personalized coasters shipped to you in about a week. (Image via Casey Leigh)

14. ImageSnap: For Instagram-filled ceramic tiles of various sizes, check out ImageSnap, an easy way to display your best Amaro filtered snapshots. You can hang them on your fridge or spice up a bookshelf or desk—and they make great personal gifts.

15. Stitchtagram: Get this, you can even sleep with your photos. With Stitchtagram, a collection of your Instagrams can be fluffy pillows in no time. Deck out your couch and everyone will be asking where your new decorations came from. (Image via Cut, Paste, Repeat)

16. Instapparel: This list wouldn’t be complete without a way to put your photos on a mantank—or just a regular t-shirt, because Instapparel has those too. ;) At just around $20, Instapparel is inexpensive and easy to use.

17. Nike PhotoID: Nike PhotoID is what I (and the whole Brit + Co. team) think might be the coolest way to use your Instagrams. Nike won’t actually put your photos on your new set of kicks, but the PhotoID tool will pull color palettes from your photos and give you four shoe options. And if you aren’t into your sunset-inspired sneakers, you can choose from the featured designs. (Image via Brit + Co.)

With Instagram services popping up left and right, I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed another awesome way to bring your photos to life. Let me know in the comments!