It’s not the most glamorous part of wedding planning, but most planners agree — having an inclement weather backup is imperative if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Knowing what you’ll do if dark clouds start forming will let you relax and ensure a smooth wedding day timeline, rain or shine. We turned to our trusted wedding planner pros for their advice on crafting a plan B — Sara Fried of Fete Nashville, Antonia Christianson of Antonia Christianson Events and the gals at Gather Events.

First and foremost, discuss all of the potential weather options with your wedding planner. Sara advises, “Months before the big day, work with your planner or venue coordinator to make a plan if it’s too hot, too cold or in case of torrential downpours. It’s imperative to plan for inclement weather so the only tears on your wedding day are tears of joy!” Make sure you “take advice from experienced professionals,” says Antonia. Trust their expertise! They’ve seen it all, and they’re there to help. (Event via Fete Nashville, Photo via Erin Lee at The Collection)

If there’s a chance it could rain on your wedding day, look into tent options. “Always have a rain plan,” say the gals at Gather Events, “whether it’s a tent provided by your rental company or a collection of cute umbrellas provided for guests.” Plan ahead! “If there is room for a tent as plan B for either the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, you will need to secure a tent ASAP,” adds Sara. “Most rental companies will require 50 percent down to reserve the tent for your wedding day, and then you only pay the balance if you use the tent.” Another creative idea from Sara? “One option could be to have the ceremony in the reception space. Have everyone sit at their dinner table, but shift the tables to create an aisle!”


In case of cold weather, “Make sure your guests will be warm!” urge the girls at Gather Events. “Even with clear skies, a party can fall flat if guests are cold. Make sure to rent enough heaters, and maybe even consider providing blankets or pashminas around the dance floor so your guests can comfortably party late into the night!” (Event via Gather Events, Photo via Jeff Newsom)


According to Sara, “You’ll have to decide 2-5 days before the wedding if you’re going to use a tent, portable heaters or portable fans. Most venues will be flexible, but some require equipment to be put up on certain days due to permitting, etc.” Stay up to date on the forecast, and check several sources so you’re making an educated decision at the end of the day. “I have four different weather radar apps on my phone that I’m on constantly the week of a wedding,” says Sara. (Event via Gather Events, Photo via Jana Williams)


At the end of the day, “Focus on what’s important and try to keep your priorities in mind,” add the Gather Events girls. No matter the weather, “You’ll still have the same happy outcome: marriage!” says Antonia. “You just might have to take a different path to get there.” (Event via Antonia Christianson Events, Photo via Eleise Theuer)


Final words of wisdom from Gather Events? “Try to have fun and roll with the punches. And, remember: Rain clouds make for amazing photos!” (Event via Fete Nashville, Photo via Smith Studios)

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