Ah, the joys of three day weekends — an extra day to spend however you please and a short work week? Sign us up! One of our favorite reasons that three day weekends make us feel #blessed is the extra time we get to spend with our family! With President’s Day right around the corner, we’ve teamed up with Disney•Pixar’s Coco to show you how to have the ultimate family staycation. Get ready for a weekend of movie nights and tradition-worthy DIYs: fort building, hot cocoa bars, and family photo albums.

P.S. Disney•Pixar’s Coco is available now on Digital & Movies Anywhere, on Blu-ray™ Feb 27; you def’ need to grab a copy for your family staycation.


Movie fort diy

Get ready to get super cozy in this next-level fort. Forts have to be one of the best activities for the long weekend. They offer hours of entertainment, snuggling up with the fam while you watch Disney•Pixar’s Coco. Using your imagination, you can create an entire world of Coco without even leaving your living room!


  • hula hoop
  • 2 curtains
  • 1 large shower ring
  • scissors
  • heavy duty ceiling hook
  • twinkle lights
  • heavy duty rope

Begin by cutting four equal pieces of rope. The length of this depends on your ceiling height and how long the curtains are that you will be using. Measure and cut accordingly. Next, attach the ropes equal distance apart from each other on the hula hoop.

Attach the curtains to each side of the large hook. Both shower or regular curtains will work for this DIY, as long as they have holes for the ring.

Feed the four pieces of rope through the large shower ring.

Once you’ve put your fort together, secure your ceiling hook and hang your fort. Finally, for extra cuteness, add twinkle lights and a mountain of pillows.

family photo album

This DIY is a great way to get creative with your family while celebrating your traditions and memories.


  • 5×5-inch wooden box
  • cardstock
  • photos
  • paint
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paintbrush

Begin by painting the wooden box; you can choose any color your heart desires. We chose to stick to a color palette inspired by the movie’s colorful logo.

While paint dries, measure about equal increments vertically on your cardstock. We measured about 4 ½ inches to fit our photos, but this may differ depending on the size of your prints. To add some extra color, we used double-stick tape to attach orange and pink cardstock. Next, fold the cardstock accordian style, along your measured marks. Lastly, attach your prints with double-stick tape.

It’s a great DIY that the kiddos are sure to love and cherish for years to come!


Make your family’s movie night extra magical by starting a new tradition of movie-night hot cocoa bars. To go with the theme of the movie we plan on watching, we created a colorful hot “Coco” bar… see what we did there ;).

For our hot “Coco” bar we went with two different colors of hot cocoa served in hot beverage pitchers, sprinkle covered mugs, DIY pom-pom stir sticks, and toppings galore. We also added the cutest character figurines and plush toys. Look how beautiful Pepita is!

To make these sprinkle mugs, melt white chocolate in the microwave and dip the tops of the mugs. Next dip the chocolate covered mugs in sprinkles. Give them some time to cool off and dry before serving.

For our colorful hot cocoa, we chose to serve pink and orange. We made them by using tiny drops of food coloring in white chocolate hot cocoa.

The toppings really make the bar super fun and allow you to get creative while decking out your cocoa. We put out an assortment of sprinkles, rock candy, chocolate syrup, and tons of different types of marshmallows.

To make the pom-pom stir sticks, just hot glue pom-poms to skewers.

Using heat-safe glass mugs are a great way to show off more color!

Hot cocoa for everyone.

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This post was paid for by Disney•Pixar.

Styling + DIY Production: Cassidy Miller + Kayla Haykin

Photography: Brittany Griffin