Stephanie Chon

iPhone 6s Rumors Already? Yes. It's Happening.

Will it have holograms? Nah, here are some more realistic rumors for ya.

Casey Watkins

Bring Spring to Your Smartphone With These 12 Cases

Because... enough with the snow already.

Nora Landis-Shack

This Wireless Charger Could Change How You Power Up

Just put down your phone and charge it up.

Katelan Cunningham

This App Connects Blind People With Volunteers Worldwide

Video chat just got way more helpful.

Cortney Clift

Say Bye to Expensive Uber Rides With This Real Time Meter App

Make those $50 rides ancient history.

Stephanie Chon

Apple Rumors: Is the iPhone 7 Going to be Bendable?

Bend it. Twist it. Squeeze it. This Apple patent is all, "Oh yeah, we meant to do that."

Stephanie Chon

Happy Birthday, iPhone! Take a Look Back at 8 Years of the Smartphone

One year older is like 10 years wiser in iPhone time...

Sean Griffis

Fashion Stalkers, This Is Your Favorite New App

This app sounds a *lot* like fashion heaven to us.

Nicole Mangona

5 Commute Essentials: 30-Day Abs, Taylor Swift Mashup + More!

Oh, and a way to get your daily Tim Riggins fix. Yes.

Katelan Cunningham

DL This App to Share All Your NYE Memories in Style

Maybe you should actually put all of those holiday photos to good use.

Casey Watkins

17 iPhone Wallpapers to Instantly Make Your Day

We've got the perfect mid-winter boost for your phone.

Nora Landis-Shack

This App Tells Your Friends What You’re Up To

Eliminate any future missed connections.

Nora Landis-Shack

This Sleek Case Is like a Suit of Armor for Your Phone

Go ahead, butterfingers. Drop that phone.

Katelan Cunningham

Animate Your Holiday Pics With This App

These are the best holiday cards you'll give and get this year.

Sean Griffis

How to Score All the Apple Products on Your Black Friday List

Find out where you can score the best Apple product deals on Black Friday this year.

Katelan Cunningham

These Tiny Batteries Are the Most Portable Phone Chargers Yet

In case of emergencies, these mini batteries will do the trick.

Stephanie Chon

Clumsy? This Case Makes Your Phone Un-Droppable

Jonathan Marcus, creator of Neverdrop, may have found a solution to your phone-dropping issue.

Annie D'Souza

See Every Apple Product EVER on One Poster

So much better than an actual iPhone 6, right?

Katelan Cunningham

Meet Your New Mobile Gaming Addiction, Catch

Our newest smartphone addiction is a throwback to a childhood game.

Nicole Mangona

11 Photo Sharing Apps to Download Now

Check out these 11 awesome photo sharing apps that are picture perfect.

Nicole Mangona

12 Apps to Help Kids Learn Their ABCs and 123s

By now, it's clear. Apps aren't just for adults.

Lesley Lewis

Your Future iPhone Charger Is Here and It's Stunning

Jony Ives may have met his phone-charging match, because we just laid our eyes on one humdinger of a charging beaut.

Katelan Cunningham

This App Turns Your Email into AIM

A sleek user interface will make your email feel less like work and more like fun.

Madeline Bachelder

20 New iPhone Accessories for a Serious Upgrade

From innovative cases to phone-friendly projectors, here are 20 of the best accessories of the moment.