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Our Mission

Brit + Co inspires and enables women and girls to be more creative.

Brit + Co is a new media and commerce company that enables creativity through inspirational content, online classes and do-it-yourself kits. From traditional crafts to high-tech manufacturing, we connect millions of users with makers, designers, chefs, and inventors, together building a community of creativity.

Founded in late 2011, we are now a leading destination for the DIY generation, currently reaching over 10 million creatively-minded people each month. In addition to the website, brit.co, you can also experience Brit + Co on your mobile device by downloading the free app.

Use the site and apps to explore, make, learn, and shop. We help inspire you with content, teach you skills with e-classes, and give you access to DIY tools and supplies to start making. We also help you support other independent brands and makers with full access to shop their products.

Explore creative ideas in categories like Style, Tech, Food, Living, Events, and Kids. From inspirational decor ideas to the latest product innovations, there’s a lot to discover here.

Make beautiful and simple DIY projects and recipes that add creativity to your everyday life. Each tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and materials to get you making in no time. We know you’re busy, so we included our hacks, tips, and tricks to make ‘making’ even easier.

Learn new skills with e-classes from our favorite DIY pros. They’ll help take you from beginner to all-star in under an hour. These classes take your maker skills to the next level. You can even snag all the supplies you need for the class in the Brit + Co Shop.

Shop products that help unlock your creativity. Try your hand at new creative skills with our DIY Skill Sets or get your project fix with a 30-Minute Project kit.

Our Values


A Note from Our Founder, Brit Morin

I’ve always had a very strong drive simply to create. When I was a year old, I was building with blocks. By two, I couldn’t put down my crayons and markers. And don’t even get me started on finger paint.

A few years later, I was making up stories about my stuffed animals, decorating and redecorating (and re-redecorating) my room, and teaching myself to french braid my own hair.

As a teenager I started experimenting with sewing machines, ovens and power tools. My mom (awesomely) let me have a cell phone at age 13. I used my computer to write short stories and to play Oregon Trail. I forded many rivers back in those days.

And then the Internet happened.

By the time I was legally able to drink, I was a full-on tech nerd. I spent most of my college life working remotely for Silicon Valley companies. I scored a gig at Apple, learned how to code, and then transitioned to a career at Google.

And I loved my job. I worked at the #1 “best place to work” in the country; what was not to love?

Well, for one thing, working in tech meant spending endless hours at my desk and online — eating via takeout, doing all my holiday shopping on Amazon, and hiring people to do such mundane real-world things as hanging a coat rack. Staring at that big (then increasingly small) screen all day, day after day, took the idea of “living in the cloud” to a whole new level.

Then something changed. I left my job at Google in order to start a tech company of my own. But first I decided to give myself a break. And those six months may have been the most transformative of my life.

They say you should try to make your hobby your career, but I didn’t even know what my hobby was. So, I chose not to schedule myself at all and to see what I naturally gravitated towards each day.

Turns out, my favorite hobby was (and is) creating. It didn’t matter what I was working on, as long as I was making something. On an average day, I’d make a terrarium in the morning, 3D print a necklace by noon, paint a canvas by sunset, and end the day with homemade ice cream.

The beauty in all this was that, whether I was designing a 3D necklace on my computer to print in real life, using apps that taught me how to letterpress, or scouring the web for delicious recipes to recreate, I was naturally using the virtual world to help me make stuff in the physical one.

That’s the lightbulb that clicked on in my head: today’s generation thrives in the virtual world, but as humans we remain inspired to work and create in the physical world. Why can’t these two things go together?

I think they can, and that’s why I started Brit + Co. There’s a movement afoot that celebrates creativity by balancing the digital and the analog. Some call it the “Maker Movement” and predict it will have an even bigger impact than the Industrial Revolution. We hope to play a part in spreading and celebrating such a resurgence.

At Brit + Co, we believe every human being is an artist and every moment of our lives is a canvas. There are countless ways to make creative decisions, each and every day.

Our community of makers (the “Co” in Brit + Co) may range from amateur to pro, but we all carry the same human DNA to build and create. We hope to be a place where each one of these people — yes, that includes you – can creatively thrive in your own way.


Brit + Co has partnered with dozens of businesses to showcase a more creative lifestyle. Some of our key partners have included: Target, Method, Pinterest, Intel, L’Oreal, YouTube, UNIQLO, and 3M.

Want to be one of our next partners? Send us a note.

Ethics Policy

A note on our ethics policy: the writers here at Brit + Co will always credit products or bloggers whose ideas we post. Any lack of credit is completely unintentional and will be corrected upon notice. Additionally, Brit Morin is an investor and advisor in several startup companies, some of which may at times be featured on the site with full disclosure. The team at Brit will also always disclose when and if a company has paid for or offered free products in return for promotion on the site.