Airbnb truly offers something for every traveling taste. Feeling artsy? Stay in a bedroom replica of a Van Gogh painting. Wanna stream some movies with your boo? Rent this Netflix and Chill room ;) Plan on blowing your entire bank account? Check out this $40,000 Airbnb rental of your dreams that Gwyneth Paltrow once stayed at. But if you want to check out the most popular Airbnb rental for the past SEVEN YEARS, then you’ll be checking into a little spot known as the Mushroom Dome Cabin.

Mushroom Dome Cabin

Owned, operated and rented out over Airbnb by California’s Kitty and Michael Mrache, the cabin which they deem a “Hummingbird Haven” is basically something out of a fairy tale. A mere 100-square-feet, the tiny cottage is available to rent for $115 a night, and it’s surely worth every penny.

Mushroom Dome Cabin

“A geodesic dome loft and a large deck in the trees, you’ll feel like you’re in a tree house in the woods,” the listing explains. “We have 10 acres next to land without fences so you will get to enjoy nature: Just hang out on the deck, take a hike in the woods, watch the hummingbirds or go to the beach.” That certainly sounds idyllic!

Mushroom Dome Cabin

The tiny abode is so wildly popular that it’s actually earned Kitty and Michael exclusive invites to Airbnb’s party for all-star hosts, and (get this!) an 80 percent scale replica of the Mushroom Dome Cottage is on display at the company’s headquarters. Wowza. If you’re interested in staying in the actual dream-like cabin in the forest, make sure to plan ahead, as it’s currently booked up for the next few months.

With 807 reviews and five stars, it’s undoubtedly worth it.

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(h/t Mental Floss, photos via Kitty Mrache/Airbnb)