We may live in a male-dominated sports culture, but that doesn’t mean us ladies can’t throw, kick and tackle with the best of ‘em. Always, who is doing what they can to encourage women to be all that they can be with their #LikeAGirl campaign, has just released a new video aiming to help girls realize how much sports mean to some of us and why we should stick with it.

Always _ LikeAGirl _ sports

In a world that isn’t terribly inclusive or encouraging to women, young girls can feel the effects from an early age. A whopping 67 percent of girls feel that society as a whole doesn’t encourage them to play sports and, sadly, by age 17, more than half of girls will have quit sports and no longer play the games that they adore (and totally kick butt at).

Not only does this suck because of the mere fact that ladies aren’t doing what they love, but with sports contributing to higher confidence levels in both youth and adult women, those who quit miss out on that crucial added benefit.

Always _ LikeAGirl _ sports

This time around, Always has partnered with American soccer player (as well as Olympic Games gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion) Alex Morgan to encourage girls to stay on the courts and in the field. You belong there!

Take a peek at the video below, and share it with a young girl you think may need to see it.

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(Photos via Always)