There’s nothing wrong with using emojis to text your bestie that you’re doing your nails while wearing a bikini and chillin’ with your cutie cat. But if you’re a lady who wants to express to your friends that you’re doing something outside of stereotypical gal stuff, all using little pics, then you’re pretty much out of luck.

Always has been earning itself a reputation for taking on the everyday messages that perpetually swamp modern women. Their latest “Like a Girl” campaign is keeping that rolling by asking young girls what they think of the standard Unicode emojis that we all use so enthusiastically. “What does it say when even emojis limit [girls] to stereotypes?” the video asks.

“There’s no girls in the professions emojis,” one girl rightfully points out. “Unless you count being a bride as a profession.” Oof.

“I’ve got rock climbing, biking, playing basketball,” another young girl says while looking closely at her phone, then adds with a frustrated frown. “None of the girls are doing this.” Ouch.

“Except for the surfer, that’s a girl,” one tries desperately, only to realize, “Nope, it’s just a guy with long hair.”

“Girls love emojis, but there aren’t enough emojis to say what girls do. That’s just how things are.” Argh! That’s just how things are. Such a profoundly moving statement that has been said about so many things throughout history. But not accepting that that’s just how things are is what motivates us to change them. Although emojis may not seem like the biggest deal, it’s sometimes the smallest details that make the biggest difference.

So what would make the difference to these girls?

“I would like to see a female wrestler.”

“I would like a female soccer emoji.”

“A girl teaching people how to play drums.”

“There should be a cop that’s a girl. And a lawyer that’s a girl. And a detective that’s a girl,” one adds with her friend pitching in, “And a super bad-ass girl.”

“…because she’s in control, and she’s happy.”

YES! All amazing emoji ideas, gals! Or perhaps even some gender-neutral options for those who don’t conform to the normative gender binary? Let’s get awesomely inclusive, emoji peeps!

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(h/t Ad Week)