Talk about teenage nostalgia central. Hot on the heels of the news that Sweet Valley High and The O.C. are getting reboots (The O.C. as a musical no less!) Amy Heckerling confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that our favorite Betty from Beverly Hills is getting her very own bout on Broadway. Yup, you heard us. Clueless is getting a musical!

Now, we know rumors have been swirling for years, and you might be going, “As if!” but Heckerling confirms there’s a book and tells the mag she has high hopes that the show will eventually make it to Broadway. The show will be a “jukebox musical” — that means, similar to Mamma Mia or Moulin Rouge!, rather than an original score, it uses songs from our pop culture cannon. The ’90s is a serious treasure trove of music and we’re dying to know what they plan on incorporating. (Did Elton ever find his CD of The Cranberries?)


And we’re not alone in wanting to see this musical happen either. Heckerling previously revealed to Vulture even Katy Perry had expressed an interest in working on the musical. Um, this makes us feel like we’re livin’ a teenage dream. And surely this also means good things in bringing us closer to a cast reunion, right Paul and Alicia?!

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(Featured photo via Paramount Studios)