That’s right. Clueless was officially released in the US on July 19, 1995. Feeling old yet? Us too. But we’re also pretty pumped on any reason to celebrate the awesomeness that is Clueless.

From gorgeous posters to weird computer games and tons of clothes, here are 17 ways to celebrate our favorite 90s classic. Happy 17th, Clueless!

1. Every Outfit Cher Horowitz in Clueless Wears in 60 Seconds: No better way to kick things off than with an ode to Cher’s iconic fashion sense.

2. Artsy Clueless Movie Poster: Clueless is, like, way existential. Grab this modern movie poster for 15 bucks on Etsy.

3. Clueless Printable Greeting Card ($4): Well there goes your social life.

4. Cher’s Guide To…Whatever: Why we don’t have this book on the shelf at Brit HQ is beyond me, but it’s officially on our reading list.

5. Cher Horowitz’s Coveteur Profile: Fashion blog The Coveteur counts Cher as one of their “internationally influential cultural forecasters.” Hear, hear!

6. Fuzzy Pens: You want ’em, Etsy’s got ’em. These marabou style feather pens are handmade and come in black, turquoise, purple and pink.

7. Clueless Lipstick: This hot pink lipstick from Topshop is just the thing Cher would don for a night of partying with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Sadly, it’s out of stock.

8. The Soundtrack: Speaking of the Bosstones, how iconically ’90s is the Clueless soundtrack? We’ve got Radiohead, Coolio, and the famous “I’m Gonna Be A Supermodel” song. It’s timeless.

9. Clueless Embroidery ($26): Way harsh.

10. Clueless Candles ($12): These candles are… the ultimate burn.

11. Clueless (Whatever! Edition): This edition of Clueless includes original trailers, a then and now with the movie’s stars, and all sorts of insider info for Clueless fanatics.

12. Minimalist Movie Poster ($15): Another modern take on Clueless, this poster celebrates the best song over: Rollin’ with the Homies (rollin’ with the homies…)

13. Cher’s Dress Me App is Real: Thanks to apps like Stylebook and Cloth, you can now turn your iPhone into Cher’s incredible computerized wardrobe. Win!

14. Clueless-Inspired Looks on Polyvore: Style boards based on Clueless? We’ll take it.

15. Love, Sex and Dating Lessons from Clueless: Our friends over at Huffpo have compiled a list of love, sex and dating lessons we learned from Clueless. The first one? It’s OK to date your step-brother… as long as he’s Paul Rudd. (And as long as your parents are divorced.)

16. Clueless Game: Admittedly, this is kind of weird. The aesthetic is like the Sims meets Second Life, and oddly the male characters are the ones who look most like the movie.

17. Emma by Jane Austen: Gotta give props to the novel that inspired it all.

And that’s a wrap! Until July 19, 2013 when we celebrate Clueless’ 18th!! Send us your favorite Clueless quotes over on Twitter. For a present-day tour of iconic Clueless movie locations, check out this incredible article by Glamour for Clueless’ 17th.

Bonus! Clueless GIFs: No explanation needed.

Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.