When it comes to winter weekends, we’re all about those days where you barely even leave the house and spend most of the day curled up on the couch in a robe, your favorite pajamas, with a good book and cup of tea. Or, let’s be serious, with a shiny new Chromecast streaming your latest Netflix find all day long ;) Here are 11 robes that are so cozy, it hurts. Now, continue on with your lazy weekend.

1. Plush Polka Dot Robe ($20): First up, giant polka dots! This graphic black and white option packs a punch, and manages to look stylish at the same time.

2. Animal Print Burnout Robe with Neon Trim ($36): Like we could resist animal print and neon together in one robe?! The hood on this really takes comfort to the next level.

3. Hooded Jersey Robe ($59): Speaking of hoods, if you want the plushness of a winter robe without the fleece, go for this jersey option. And if you have to run an errand, simply trade out the tie for a high-waisted belt ;)

4. Intarsia Sweater Robe ($128): Behold, the sweater robe! This is warm as ever, and we think you could totally wear it out of the house, especially over a pair of skinny jeans or pleather leggings.

5. Fleece Striped Robe by Vera Wang ($23): Yikes, stripes! Fruit Stripes gum! Or… this Vera Wang robe. Either way, stripes are timeless.

6. Pendleton Chief Joseph Terrycloth Robe ($178): Go for a more dramatic look with this full-length Pendleton option.

7. Bright Cerise Plaid Flannel Robe ($60): Thought we’d skip over a winter robe classic? Heck no! Plaid is still where it’s at, especially if you snag the adorable matching pajama shorts available with this option.

8. Ralph Lauren Shawl Collar Robe ($46): This plaid wrap has a cozy shawl collar, making sure to keep you warm on those chilly winter nights.

9. Sherpa Robe ($98): The age of the Sherpa jacket might be out of style (for now), but the sherpa robe is a cuddly nod to this trend that we can totally get on board with.

10. Polka Dot Flannel Robe ($80): More polka dots! These petite ones are a classic pajama pattern, and we love the contrasting pajama set pictured underneath.

11. Soft as Snow Plush Robe ($48): Finally, one more animal print option. Roar!

What’s your favorite piece of loungewear? A matching pajama set? Your sweats from college? Talk to us in the comments below.